HAVE: Cacao (chocolate) seeds/pod

keithruckMay 3, 2009

I ordered some cacao because I've always wanted to try to grow some. They ended up sending me one more pod that I can use; each pod has 20-30 seeds but they lose viability within a few days of opening the pod so I'm fine with trading the whole pod to someone who wants to try to grow some (you'd need a greenhouse to keep these alive in the winter). Really should trade this week, before the seeds get too old.

I'm doing some research on the seeds I am trying to germinate, so if I get more to sprout than I need, I may trade cacao seedlings later this summer- but for now, just the one pod. I live in Monroe and work in Redmond, so the pod would be available for pickup in one or the other (preference is Monroe, or an end-of-the-workday trade in Redmond).

I'm hoping to trade for some other food related plants I'd really like to add to my yard/house/greenhouse; any of the following would be of interest:

* fruiting olive (edible)

* tea tree (like Tetley tea- to make tea out of the leaves)

* fig- rooted cuttings of any/all fruiting varieties

* banana or plantain, any varieties I don't already have (let me know what you have, I'll let you know if I have it)

* bay leaf tree

At some point I may also want to get rhubarb and hops rhizomes, but I'm not really ready for them yet.

If you have other 'uncommon' food-related plants, including tropicals (but excluding annual garden veggies), let me know- but the list above are the ones I'm most interested in right now.

I will probably have some kiwi plants (fuzzy kind) for trade later this summer, let me know if you want a late summer trade for kiwi. I'm also currently rooting cuttings from a vigorous climbing hydrangea that wants to eat my front porch, those will also be available as soon as they have rooted.



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