HAVE: Lily of the Valley

ladyk2008(3b)May 7, 2008

I have tons of Lily of the Valley bulblets (plantlets) that have been coming up in the past week and a half. I am not a fan of Lily of the Valley at all and am doing something else with the space anyways (the patch of LOTV is roughly 20ft long by 2-3 feet wide in most spots). I am not looking for any major or even trade, just what you'd like to send/get rid of. You can check out my trade list. My wants are more or less current, my haves are not, I don't have any preference as to what you would like to send as my projects are many and seeds/plant needs are varied. I can definitely go to the post office and calculate what the SASBE cost would be for so many of these babies. I would like to get rid of them all within the next month.

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Hello ladyk2008,

I don't have much in my garden right now, but would you be interested in a SASBE? Thanks in advance,


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Sure Elbereth.... that is no problem. How many pips and how big? I have every size ranging from 1" up to about 5 or 6". There seems to be more and more coming up each day too. I'll have to figure out how I am going to work this out SASBE-wise as I don't know what's going to be cheaper for you to send it in, a box or an envelope. I'll have a chat with my lovely postmistresses on Monday and let you know what they say. Please do let me know sizes and numbers ok? Thanks for replying.


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Hi ladyk2008,

Send as many as you need to get rid of. I adore lilies-of-the-valley and will tuck them in anywhere. Stuff that envelope or box as much as you like. (In terms of envelope vs. box, I could send you one of those big 8.5" x 11" envelopes, and you can lay the plantlets flat in one or two rows.) Bigger pips, around 4" - 6" would probably be best, but send whatever you want... or whatever will fit for that matter.

One more thing ... where are yours doing best in? Deep shade or part shade? Clay soil or sandy? I had some LOTV a while ago, but they were very picky. Thanks, Elbereth.

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