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ianna(Z5b)April 4, 2013

Hello All,

Neighbors, strangers from other blocks walk their dogs through our neighborhood. Their dogs regularly pee in my garden bed killing off some beautiful thyme I've been trying to get to cover up an area...

What do I do? I'm searching for a plant that is supposed to deter dogs but I've forgotten the name. I've searched through herbal catalogues and came up with zilch.. Does anyone remember what this plant is called. It's got a dense leaf. Reminds me of a coleus but green and have thicker leaves.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Here you go :).


Here is a link that might be useful: Plectanthus caninus

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roxanna(z5b MA)

How outrageous of those dog-walkers to not keep their animals out of your flower beds! It makes my blood boil and makes me want to put up a sign in your garden where they couldn't miss it -- "If your dog uses my garden as a toilet, I shall follow you home and then send my dog/kids to use your front porch in a likewise manner." [ and I'm not altogether certain that I'm kidding, either. grrrrrrr.]
Hope you can get that plant and that it works!!

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I'd put a polite (but obvious) sign right at the edge of the garden saying something like 'Please keep your dogs out of my garden'. Worth a try at least.

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runswithscissors(MT 4/5)

It is bad for a dog walker to "allow" their pets to pee...but sometimes they sneak in a squirt so fast that all you can do is jerk them away with the leash...still if the plant is sensitive it's too late. I have some creeping oragano that is very pretty, similar to thyme, and my dogs pee on it all the time with no affect. (I will not be using this particular oragano in my spaghetti however.) :)

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