Happy Returns Blooomed Today + Garden Pics

avedon_gwApril 26, 2012

I had to go out of town today, but when I got back, I grabbed the camera. I know Happy Returns was going to open 3 blooms and it did. I also have a few more pictures of daylilies, and other plants. Avedon

Closeup of Happy Returns. How about those scapes? I have counted at least 49 and there may be more now.

How about 3 Happy Returns?

This is our first large flower opened. Actually, this is about the third one. The first two would not open properly because of the cold. I love the color, don't know the name--I call it "Cranberry Pink". Unfortunately, the flowers bloom down in the foliage and so it will probably be donated to a plant sale next year.

This is our second large flowered daylily to open. Another passalong plant, so no name. It is usually prettier than this, I think it's been affected by the cooler temps. I also wonder if it is an UF or that's just the way it looks.

I'd like an opinion on this. It is a very good bloomer.

Had to put in a favorite perennial--this is Salvia guaranitica ( hope I spelled that right). I think some people just call this blue salvia. We have several clumps of this scattered around our property. The hummingbirds love this plant.

Closeup of the blue salvia flower--love the color

If you are tired of blue, the burgundy autumn sage is starting to put on a show now.

Last one--Poppies do just that--they pop up where they are not expected. These 2 poppies just bloomed today next to a fence where they were not planted, but aren't they a pretty color--one has 2 coral-colored blooms, and the other is red.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

yum,I like your cranberry pink daylily. Very pretty.The sage is very pretty, alsoYou have some very nic blooms.Thank you for sharing them.


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How super! I like your daylilies, and salvia is always a good thing...I have to thin it out, but you are so right, Avedon, the hummers love it. And I absoluteely love the poppies!

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Happy returns is a winner, isn't it? What fun to see all those scapes. I have a cultivar of guaranitica called Black and Blue (the calyxes are black) and it is a hummingbird magnet also, but borderline hardy here so I have to treat it like an annual. Yours is so pretty and an amazing shade of blue.

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Wow Happy Returns looks happy so many scapes she will be spectacular when she really starts to bloom.

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Julia NY(6)

Wow, look at all those scapes on HR. Love the poppies as they are so bright. Thanks for sharing.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Beautiful spring blooms. And WOW about the buds and scapes on Happy Returns. It sure is loaded. Going to put on such a great bloom show for you!

I love Salvias, especially that blue one you have there. And yes, the hummers really do love them too.

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shive(6b TN)

Your blue salvia is marvelous, and I love the poppies. I'd take volunteers like that any day. I don't think your large yellow daylily is a UF, but post another photo of it later on.


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