OT Roses since they are doing so well

avedon_gwApril 10, 2012

Thought I would send along a few pics of roses. This is the best they have ever been since we moved here. We are wondering if the drought made them think they were going to die, so they got busy trying to stay alive. Avedon

My favorite rose, the tea rose Devoniensis. Too bad it doesn't do all that well here--the bush is pretty scrawny, but the rose is beautiful and so is the fragrance.

See what I mean about the scrawny bush, but it is loaded with blooms right now. How about that Bloom stalk and there is another on the other side.

This is the lovely polyantha rose Marie Pavie, also with lovely fragrance to match.

This is a 2 year old Belinda's Dream cranking out huge roses.

See what I mean.

Another polyantha favorite with fragrance, Perle D'Or

Here's Maggie--does it look like William Shakespeare 2000?

Lady Ann Kidwell polyantha blooming away beautifully.

Love the bush pic of Krownprinzessen Viktoria

Should have put this one right after Marie Pavie--this is a close-up shot of the clusters of flowers.

Closing out with a shot of the Texas state flower, Bluebonnet, which I discovered growing in our north field on Easter Sunday--what a lovely surprise!

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Hi Avedon. do not despair of Devoniensis. It supposedly takes eight (8!) years for them to bulk up inot large bushes, but they eventually do. And the blooms are indeed to die for. Maggie's blooms look like WS 2000, but WS 2000 likes to have these very long canes instead of the nice scrubby shape. Beautiful bush, and beautiful bloom coverage. Even my baby Maggie has that nice shape which I really like.

Belindas Dream is a beauty! Another lovely southern rose. Yours is way ahead of mine this year. All the roses in the section with WS2000 at a year old.

All in all I think Devonieies is my favorite of these gorgeous roses. The blooms are achingly beautiful. What a lovely rose!

And who wouldn't love a Texas bluebonnet?


And that beautiful soft apricot of Pearle D'ore is lovely.

I also really love Lady Ann Kidwell.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

All the roses are really lovely. Expecially Maggie, that one is my favorite. Just look at all the buds still to come on that shrub.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

You really got some gorgeous looking roses, course, my favorites are MAGGIE and BELINDA's DREAM. I have two of them, plus a own root one, too.Love it.


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Marie Pavie, such a tidy bush, and so charming with its pink buds and paler blossoms. Every bloom on Belinda's Dream is perfectly formed and has opened flawlessly despite the numerous petals. Alas, only to be experienced vicariously by Northern eyes, I suspect.

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

They are all lovely, but Maggie and Belinda's Dream are my favorite.

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Thank you for posting these pictures. I just spent some time googling and am getting a rose education, since I had never heard of polyantha roses before. My favorite is Krownprincessen. The blue green foliage sets the white flowers off beautifyully.

You have so much r o o o o m. I always end up cramming everything too close together, since my yard is so small.

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Great blooms other than DL's which are my favorite flowers roses come in a close second. I used to have quite a few but then I switched to DL's. Maybe if I ever retire I'll get back into roses because I'll have more time, thats the thought anyway.

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