HAVE: last call - bog bean

mwieder(z5 NE OH)September 29, 2005

I have arranged to be sending out 2 large trades of Bog Bean tommorrow and while I'm wading in anyway, figured I would throw the offer out there to anyone else. I have enough for 1 more large trade or a few small trades.

In return, I'm looking for interesting hardy perennials/bulbs. Land plants, because my pond space is spoken for at the moment except for one last spot which I'm saving for a cool lotus or red water lily.

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bunny56lbc(z6 OH)

I have Perry's Giant Sunburst & Green Maiden Lotus.
But I usually don't take cutting's off of them until spring.
The only red lily I have is Attraction...that is big enough
to take a cutting off of. check out my trade list to see if there is anything u would like to trade. thx Bonnie

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