What type of poppy is this?

CAST1(9b Arizona)April 3, 2013

The person who gave me the seeds said they were opium poppies but I'm starting to think they are something else. Could it be a Shirley poppy? I have never grown poppies before.

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they are a form of the opium poppy. Annual plants.

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CAST1(9b Arizona)


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Yours is a delicate Shirley Poppy.
Small, fragile, tiny yellowish green leaves.

This is an Opium Poppy, aka 'Breadseed poppy'.
A giant poppy among poppies, growing 4-5 feet tall (in my yard) with huge, blueish leaves, 5 inch blooms, and it is the definitive 'opium poppy', the one that dope is made from.

A BIG freakin' difference!!!

A. e. i. O. Uuuuuu......
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Uuuuuu...o. i. e. Aaaaa.........
A. e. i . o. Uuuuuuuu.........
A. E; I. Oh Youuuuuuuuuu.....

I just couldn't resist singing that song. :)

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Yes, some type of shirley poppy. The opium or somniferum poppies have waxy blue-green foliage and they get very tall- four to six feet tall here in Southern California.

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runswithscissors(MT 4/5)

sweet - I have a jillion of those giant poppies. I weed and weed and weed them out every year. But a few always keep their species alive in my yard. I saved seed one year, collecting only from the double flowers. The seeds did not seem to produce "only" doubles however. They are almost cabbagey, aren't they?

The little shirley poppies are nice too.

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