HAVE: Have: Hoya Clippings, Want: Strong balcony tomato (Van)

steveluscher(6b)May 19, 2008

I have a beautiful, fragrant, low-maintenance, prolific Hoya plant. I would be willing to trade a clipping of this plant for a tomato plant for my balcony.

I'm looking for a tomato that will do well on a balcony with south exposure. Extra points for neat heritage varieties of tomato ÂÂ something with a backstory or a neat quirk.

Photo of the hoya here: http://steveluscher.com/hoya.jpg

Send a link to a photo of your tomato!

I live right in the middle of Downtown Vancouver.

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Wish I had of seen this before I planted all my seeds. I have a " Fiji Cannibal tomatoe " and it is not only one that you grow on your balcony but also you can keep all winter long inside. ALSO..you can eat the leaves of this one. Now, yes I've planted these in my containers but I can keep seeds to them for you if you wish. ( If I get tomatoes that is? ) You could grow them for next year. Here is some information on them I think you will find just up your alli. LOL

Native to the South Pacific Fijian islands. Uses are similar to common tomato. Leaves are eaten as salad greens. In Fiji, legend has it that among cannibal tribes, the cannibal's tomato was regarded as the perfect sauce for the consumption of human flesh. Fruits can be used cooked like the common tomato. Grows well in any rich, well drained soil in a sunny spot. If grown as a perennial in pots, keep plants warm (minimum of 59 degrees F., 15°C) and sunny in winter, reduce watering. It can also be grown as a houseplant in the winter in a sunny, warm window. The Cannibal's Tomato can be grown as an annual as well. Sow in spring at 68 degrees F., 20°C under glass, transplant seedlings after the last cold nights end of spring to early summer. Seedlings are fast growing and fruit towards the end of summer.

Let me know if this is what your looking for? :0) I have a picture if you want to see what size they are too.


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