Nor'easter - snow?

Julia NY(6)April 22, 2012

Not kidding, as our area is under a winter storm advisory. West of us have a winter storm warning which as of this evening, projected to get 6 - 8 inches of SNOW. We may get just a rain/snow mix or up to 2 inches.

We've had rain since yesterday, which we needed badly but the temps have dipped down considerably and the winds are picking up again.

We shall see what shows up in the morning. At least I'm getting alot of housework done LOL.


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I hear ya. We were on the fringe of that storm, but I think its suppose to miss us now (Syracuse, NY area). West of us, Buffalo & Rochester are suppose to get hit.

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HI, Julia, have been thinking of you and Pam Hatten and all others on the Forum who live in the area of the storm. This weather is so nuts, who knows what will happen next? Hope all will be safe and your plants not too damaged. Avedon

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Good grief! This is the most unbelievable weatherZ!


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Julia NY(6)

We got SNOW. Will post pics once I get them uploaded. We have so far about 2 inches. The trees are all weighted down and we lost power last night. It came back on about half hour ago. I was hoping we would get the rain only but no such luck.

Now to go get my cup of coffee. Geez, April has been a crazy month for us here.


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We got hit with snow too. We were lucky that we didn't lose power, but to the south and east did. I had to shovel the driveway (maybe my 4th time this season, and I thought the season was over!) Heavy couple inches of snow and slush.

When they say "April showers" I didn't realize it was "April SNOW showers."

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Julia NY(6)

LOL booberry85. April snow indeed.

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

Hmmm, I wonder if the clematis will like the snow?

Bearded Iris have stalks and not just in this bed but in all the beds. Daylilies are mostly covered with snow too.

The lilac bush is in bloom if you can believe that but now a lump of bent over branches.

Oranmental cherry trees are in full bloom but we shall see how they "dry" out after this.

The huge pussy willow tree had its branches all the way to the ground this morning since the snow was so heavy.

I'm so stressed right now. I think I'll put my energies into other things so I can take my mind off of the mess this weather has brought us.

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Oh geez, I am just not ready to see snow in NY on April 23. I sure hope it melts quickly.

No snow here although I did hear that there was snow forcasted for upstate. Not near me, thank goodness. It rained and rained and rained much of the day yesterday and then all night into this morning. Talk about soaked. Everything is soaked but that is good as we needed the rain. It does feel chilly, not even 50 out right now. Feel like I need to turn the heat back on in the house again. Right now it is no longer raining but grey skys and dismal looking. Should slowely start to clear out now.

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daylilydayzed(9/10 C. FLA.)

Julia I just read your post on the Email Robin and came to see the pictures.I am so sorry you are having to deal with it.
My problem s are so much smaller in comparison since I have to worry about with warmer than normal early spring temperatures, my daylilies started blooming in late March. Several plants are already bloomed out and I have a show to go to in two weeks. I am just hoping I will have blooms to enter in to it.
Julia Dawn Mason from the AHS E-mail robin

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Snow pictures are beautiful, but I am sick to see your cherry tree and lilac in snow. Crazy weather everywhere.


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wren-garden(zone 5b/6)

Been holding my breath all day. The heavy cold rain has been steady with no signs of letting up. Every once in a while you see the white of big snow flakes ( or should I say clumps) mixed in and then fade. Here in Niagara Falls just north of Buffalo, about 10 miles we are on the fringe of the change of rain to snow. It is now 6pm. When the temps cool more we still could shift to snow tonight. All the roses are leafed out and so many perennials are up early. Ouch! I put very large plastic jars on top of the first year roses and clematis to protect them but all else is exposed.All that is left is hoping.Wishing us all well through this.

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Cindy zone 6a

So Sorry, WE avoided it here, although it was a possibility. I put all my potted plants into the garden room and covered a few precious plants. Just strong wind and cold now. No snow. Hope it doesn't harm your iris buds.
:( What a shame.

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Julia, just went back and read your post. When you said you were so stressed, it reminded me of our first landlord. His answer to every problem was a bottle of whiskey. So forget the coffee and try this instead! LOL. Seriously, I was stressed seeing all your beautiful plants under the snow. Hope it disappears quickly, and the plants rebound quickly. Avedon

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Julia NY(6)

What a day this has been. Power was off at 4am back on at 7:30am. This afternoon power went out again for a couple of hours. I put the heat up real high this time in case it goes out again before we go to bed.

More snow is predicted for tonight into tomorrow with more high wind gusts. :-(. I had a big glass of wine with my dinner.;-). No more stress as I'm seeing the brighter side to all of this. No mowing the lawn(gas prices are high anyway),no insects, no hurricane force winds,tornadoes or flooding. The rest of the week looks pretty bleak weather and temp wise.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)


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