WANTED: wanted: Koi in need of a new hone

andioutsideOctober 1, 2009

We have a beautiful, well maintained pond in Montgomery County, MD. We have goldfish and 3 eastern painted turtles and would be interested in adding several small to medium sized Koi.

We are especially interested in helping someone who cares enough to make sure their koi go to a good home.

Thank you!

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I have some that will eat the turtles! I have a total of 17 and need to get down to five. They are just over three years old and extremely healthy. They winter over well. They are quite colorful and unique. They came from the Hanover Koi Farm in Hanover, PA. They weigh about 4 pounds each. I have two big black koi 5-6 lbs that must go too. They have been raised on pellet cat food from Costco, and are thriving on it. Let me know when you can come get some!

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I have a decent sized pond, 1000 gallons and would love to add some Koi to it. If anyone needs to get rid of theirs, I'd be happy to care for them. They are going to a great home. My kids always say that if they had to come back as an animal they'd like to be one of my dogs or birds. I work hard at making sure the pets feel as if they are in their natural habitat and eating the correct foods.

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I have a small backyard pond with no fish yet. If anyone has some koi to share I'd love it. :)

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