Here They Are - Rain Soaked and all Blooms!

organic_kitten(8)April 17, 2012

Well the first two finally opened today, but it rained pretty much of the day, and they are a bit bedraggled.

The first scape I found was on Colorado Moonstone, and two blooms opened on it today:

Close Up:

This other one was a bonus from Bill Maryott. I'll have to look up the tag tomorrow, since the rain came back, and I wanted out of it.

So, the season is underway about 3 weeks early.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Wonderful, Kay. they are gorgeous, in spite of the soaked blooms,At least you have daylily blooms, hooray. The season is here.I will have a couple blooms soon now,I hope, suppose to drop to 45 tonight,and couple degrees cooler tomorrow night, so, dont know how they will look.But, how ever, can't wait to see a bloom.


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Thanks Jean, and the second one is Spacecoast Dream Catcher

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Julia NY(6)

Even wet, they look okay ;-). Your definitely on your way to bloom season.


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Glad you got a good soaking rain, we could sure use some here. I've been watering already as thought it was the middle of July. Your blooms are pretty.

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Nancy zone 6

Blooms! Nice ones too, even if a bit waterlogged :) We could use a bit of rain, getting lots of wind & overcast, dreary days recently, but no rain. So nice to see some daylily blooms.

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shive(6b TN)

Very pretty! I think the name of that first on is Colorado Moonfire. I can't believe it's blooming so soon. So far, only three of my daylilies have scapes, and they are just emerging.


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Congrats! on your first blooms, rain soaked or not they are both very pretty.

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Always so exciting to get those first blooms, no matter if they were in the rain. They are well-named, too,seems to really fit the flowers. Avedon

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

First blooms are always beautiful, rain soaked or not. And besides the daylilies love to have the rain.

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We did get a nice rain, and are supposed to get a lot more this weekend. And Rita is right, the daylilies love it and so do the roses...I am worried since rust seems to be prevalent this year. I have been expecting these and one other to bloom for a while.

Going to have a lot of blooms very soon from the look of all the scapes. The iris have been beautiful, but not up to their regular blooming abundance. The roses have certainly tried to make up for any lack, however. I need to fertilize them again (manure) but hesitate with all of the rain forecast...think I will anyway.


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