HAVE: Maple cuttings & fungus question

keithruckJuly 6, 2009

I have a maple that is against the house and I need to trim it back so it isn't touching; if anyone wants me to try to root a cutting for you, please let me know. The dollar bill shows the leaf size.

Or, if you want a _lot_ of cuttings, let me know and we'll schedule it so you can come over when I trim it, and you can have hundreds and hundreds of cuttings.

Also, (see three photos in link that are not maples) while pruning today, my wife found this. It is fairly heavy, so I don't think it is an insect egg sack- maybe some type of mold/fungus? Does anyone know what this is?

Thank you!



Here is a link that might be useful: Keith's pictures

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Is the lump woody? attached to the branch?
Was is in or on the ground? or completely above ground?

It kind of looks like a root callus, where the branch may have been trying to root.

Or it does look like a chunk of conk-like fungus.

I've seen similar coming up in/on the ground around my hemlocks and they do look like a hard fungus, and come to think of it, why haven't i tried to find out what they exactly are? Hmmm... I'm off to look for an answer.

If you don't get an answer, on this thread, try to post on the non exchange NW forum. Or is there a mushroom/ fungus forum?

Remember to click the box that sends replies to you.

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Ok, I figured out that I have coral fungus, not sure about yours.

mdvaden on the NW site seems to know alot about fungi, maybe you can send a pic to him/her.

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