HAVE: mimosa tree seeds

fishguy(texas)October 16, 2005

i have lots of mimosa tree seeds - fast growing and are very beautiful - easy to start - looks great near or around a pond. will trade for other seeds - it doesn't matter what kind - or will do postage.

al israel

3499 county road 316

breckenridge, tx 76424

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KarlZ8(7b eastern NC)

I'd suggest finding another plant to trade. The Mimosa, Albizia Julibrisson, also called the Silk Tree, while attractive in bloom is considered an invasive plant. Here in NC and throughout most of the lower half of the US, they establish themselves readily both by seed and vegetatively. When road crews cut brush along roads, they regenerate rapidly. They can grow in almost any soil due to an abundance of nitrogen-fixing bacteria in their root nodules. Yes, many nurseries sell them- they should know better. I'll bet you have lots of other plants that folks would be interested in.

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Hello Al! Are these the trees with the wonderful feather-like pink blooms??? If so, I would love some seeds for postage. When I was a little girl I used to love a tree like this in my grandmothers yard in Tennessee. I live in zone 5 so I guess I'd have to bring it in in the winter.

Thanks - Doreen

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First of all, I don't know anything about trees or planting anything, really, but I keep coming up, in my searching, with so much negativity regarding this plant. I'm just curious as to why people have such a negative attitude about this beautiful and elegant tree? I would think it would be a benefit that it is hardy and can grow just about anywhere. Unless you're planting in a postage stamp, does it really matter how invasive it is? I suppose it makes a difference if you're trying to actually landscape.
Personally, though, I'd love to have several of these growing in my yard.
However, since I don't have a yard as of yet, I was wondering how one would go about planting this type of tree in a pot, what size pot to use and how often to repot, and how long (and well) these trees can live in a pot before requiring transport to the actual ground.

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I live in washington state where these trees are NOT a weed. seedlings do not just sprout up everywhere. I would love to have seeds and will pay postage for them if that is what you want.

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mcbdz(8 Louisiana)


I'm new to the web and not an expert, just wanted to comment on why something invasive upsets people. I love the mimosa also, but it will take over the natureal trees and shrubs in any area around the tree. I don't mean just your yard either. Your neighbors will quickly not like you in a few years when they become tired of removing these seedlings from all their pots, flower/veg gardens and even little crack in the sidewalk. Even worse is around the foundation of the house. These seeds are carried off by birds, wind and rain water and spread way farther then you coud even imagin to take over the woods or small patch of earth. And when they grow unless you know how invassive they are you think they are too pretty to kill so that tree will spread it's seeds farther. They will grow several feet in a year and be blooming and producing seeds in year three I think. Oh, yeah, and let's not forget to add smell good and attract butterflies and hummingbirds to their charm. Sorry so long, just please read more and make sure that they are not invasive in your zone first.

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I was actually thinking of going cross country thru the woods to find a small sapling. I have an area in my yard here in SC that I can't get anything to grow very well. Red clay soil. Also... I had to cut down a river birch and would like to put something nearby to replace the missing shade.
I'll pay postage or trade something.

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Still have seeds???

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I would like some seeds, too, if you still have some!

To the person in Zone 5; that's where I am, and we had a Mimosa tree in our front yard during my entire childhood! Although my parents are both gone now, my brother still lives in the house, and the tree is still there! I have never seen any sprouts in order to get a start off of it, so it's definitely not invasive in this zone!

I didn't know how to start one of these from that tree! Is this the time of year to get seeds from it? I definitely have access to it, as it's only a 6 mile drive to my brother's house!

If I can get seeds right now, I'll just do that! Thanks for your time!


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I would love to have a seed! A couple of my neighbors have these and I think they are quite beautiful! I don't have anything to trade, unfortunately, but, I can send you a SASE for the return!

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

Albizia julibrissin Mimosa tree a/k/a silk tree is a beautiful tree, BUT it is highly invasive. Because silk tree can grow in a variety of soils, produce large seed crops, and resprout when damaged, it is a strong competitor to native trees and shrubs in open areas or forest edges. Dense stands of mimosa severely reduce the sunlight and nutrients available for other plants.

Please don't plant these trees, but try other native trees that are good substitutes.

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Please send seeds! I grew up with these trees in our yard and they were beautiful.no problems with invasion. please email with an address so Ican send you postage

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