transplanting a butterfly bush - good or bad

ianna(Z5b)April 4, 2013

I've an established butterfly bush. the white, yellow and pink variety. It seems I planted it in the wrong spot and in it's place I would like to put in a small tree. What are the chances of it surviving a transplant? It's been there for nearly 5 years.

What do you think?

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Hi ianna,
5 years in the soil will mean the roots are very well established,..and the important thing is to ensure they are not damaged,..there is a lot to doing the move than just dig up and move elsewhere so i will give you the link with lots of info on transplanting it.

Tips For Transplanting A Butterfly Bush


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I would not hesitate to move this type of plant to a better location.

You needn't worry if you do a bit of root pruning when you move it as that can actually be very beneficial. I'd also prune the top before moving. Another thing that can help offset transplant shock is to water with diluted alfalfa tea.

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Transplanting butterfly bushes is easy. They are hardier than many other shrubs. I moved two in early summer, but early to late spring is better, I thinned the bottom growth and the top for easier transport, Dug up as much of the rootball as I could handle myself, then put them in their new home. I watered the bottom of each hole first, then put the plants in. After filling in around them, I watered again. Later in the summer they were both sending new shoots and flowered almost as well as they did before the move. They've been doing really well for the past two seasons. Interesting about the alfalfa tea.

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I've moved smaller butterfly bushes several times, even in mid-summer. Just be sure they're out of the ground as little as possible and water them right away.

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We've moved ours a couple of times as well,no problems.

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Thank you all so much for these tips. I'll go ahead and do the transplant.. (feel like a heart surgeon here - LOL).


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Dear All,

Reporting back on this. I finally did the transplant. I was quite surprised to see that the roots had grown as thick as my wrist. This is a plant that had been in the ground for 5 years. So hopefully now that it's still early spring and plants are still just waking up, that the butterfly bush will recover.


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