Pls help with Evergreen selection

markjg(7)June 17, 2014

Hi everyone! Im looking forward to adding a little more privacy to my backyard. Unfortunately it backs to the parking lot. Besides that it's a pretty sweet end unit townhouse outside of Annapolis MD ;)

I am looking into a evergreen to place in this location, it measures 8'L x 6'W. I park my car right in the spot right in front of this location and that's my walkway I use everyday. Something non prickly would be good ;)
There is a short evergreen bush that I can trim back a couple feet when the time came which would give me more room on the length of my location. I am looking to add privacy and more green foliage during the winter months. I want something that will grow 10' or more above my fence. There are many large trees in my neighbors backyards so something that is as tall as my townhouse would be fine. I think that's like 30' or so? I want something that will stand out. We have lots of cool trees in our small townhouse community. I have two large Emerald Arborvitaes that are getting close to 20' tall but they are still narrow at about 3 or 4 feet. As a reference, the fence sections in the pics are 8' wide and about 6' at its highest spot.
I was thinking a Thuja Arborvitae which I could keep trimmed, right?, American Arborvitae, two or maybe even three Emerald Arboritae. I want something that will be as wide as that fence sections.
Thank you

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back of the house

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two Emerald Arboviteas center and left

I have a couple crapes growing in my yard, So as of now it is evergreen outside of fence (center of pic) crape myrtle in the corner, new location outside of fence will be a evergreen, Red Rocket Crape (not shown) inside my yard and then my neighbor has a white crape growing outside of the fence. In that order along my fence line. That other crape is still in a planter.

I hope that makes sense...

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one more for you, through a screen window... second level

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Hetz Wintergreen/Wintergreen arborvitae can reach 30 feet but will take 25 years. It's 6' wide when that tall and won't become much wider as it continues to grow. It typically grows 14" per year.

Musser Forest sells seedlings in the fine print so don't buy from them should you choose Hetz Wintergreen.

Best of regards,


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fairfield8619(Zone 8 NW LA)

Dax, I don't know how it would do in zone 7 since it's much milder than where you live, but Tom Cox's book in zone 8 lists it as 23ft by 9ft in 10 years, the actual measurement. Somewhat smaller in MD I would think, but that's still big and fast.

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