plants need to go but which one? help!

ianna(Z5b)April 11, 2011

So many things and so little space. Help me decide which to get rid of.

In my tiny front bed, i've many salvias and lavenders, among many other plants. This spot is packed with




joe pye weed

salvia midnight

salvia cordona

echinacea magnum

blue thistle

rudbeckia goldsturm


Jerusalem sage(pink)

lavenders (french)

delphiniums (not performing at optimum now)

How should I determine which goes? Should I add more alliums and remove the tulips. This list does not bear all the listed plants in this spot. That is because I cannot recall what else are there now.


I'm planning to remove my pond and place a raised vegetable bed there. This also means I would have to remove a small garden bed there and move them elsewhere. Help give me an idea if these plants are worth saving.

Joe Pye Weed


Golsturm rudbekia

a day lily

a bugloss

blue fescue grasses

hydrangea angelica.


Also in yet another fence - I've 3 different vines, a honeysuckle, a climbing hydrangea and a dutchman's pipe...One hss to go - and so which one?

You see Ive no room to put these plants. If these are keepers, then I would have to remove other plants to bring these plants in. so one way or another something has to go.

Signing off

The Plant Hoarder

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

ianna, all the plants are worth saving, even if not in your garden! Perhaps someone else would want them.

For my 2 cents, the first list you have I would take out one salvia and the delphinium. The rest bloom all at different times and have various colors and I think you should keep those to have a well rounded look.

You probably are not getting rid of the Dutchman's Pipe. I've tried, it isn't easy ... at all. Can you move the climbing hydrangea? Will the fence look fine with just the honeysuckle and the dutchman's pipe?

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GGG - I wish it was that easy to find someone to take them. Not in my neighborhood of mostly non-gardeners. It's either the plants are worth replanting elsewhere or killing them off for good.

Re the honeysuckle and dutchman's pipe. Interesting thought -- I can certainly remove the hydrangea and may relocate it. It was transferred from my old place to this area so it can be done. I just need to cut it down to size. I'm not worried about how the fence would look. I painted the fence an ebony/black shade so things popped out against them. Very classic outcome I must say. so I can simply repaint the fence if necessary.

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Well that is not a fun situation to be in. I am just about to that point also. And then I rescue plants from the curb! I swear off any more potted plants becoz I have to move them in during winter, but if I can't put them in the ground, then I have to keep them in pots!
For your situation, I am not sure what is best to do, but I would ask myself these questions: I have a tree or a bank where I can relocate the bulbs? they are fairly easy to dig up and relocate. If not a tree to go under or a bank, then can I just store the bulbs and plant in containers as needed, or give away at swaps or even mail to interested gardeners for postage? Bulbs are easy to do that way, I think.
2. Do I have some spots that would benefit from containers? A front porch? Around a fountain? Is there a yard or garage sale in your future, where these potted plants or bulbs could be sold?
3. Are any of these plants declining? Prone to insect or disease? Invasive? Then these might be the ones to discard.
Good luck with this unpleasant situation.

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thanks laurie.

I may just throw away the tulips -- alas, i spotted many baby alliums growing. I love alliums! I heard they will grow to maturity by the third year! I guess I have no choice otherwise, i will be awashed in alliums.

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You can send me the primulas, hee hee.

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I also agree with the one salvia and the delphinium removal. I'd also get rid of the blue fescue grass in the other bed. To my mind, its more or less a filler plant. That's just my opinion though as I'm not that big into the ornamental grasses. I also kinda feel the same way about daylilies, though I know some people are big fans, so that ones just personal preference as well.

What kind of French lavender do you have? I went with an English variant because I thought they were the only ones hardy enough. I'm a 5b as well.

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