I have a few scapes!

mizellie(z7 Al)April 17, 2012

California Girl among a few others have scapes. CG is more advanced though. I thought to show you some other "stuff" from my yard! The ones marked seedlings are just that although some are really pretty!...Ellie

Sister Dee's seedling.


Queen In Calico


Gillian Blade

Giant White Trillium

Circa 1884 Gnacchus

Japanese Snowball. This had blooms that were huge. I rooted it from one I was moving!

Krinkled White

Magenta Gem

Unknown White Double

Another unknown. I love this one!

Double seedling

Another seedling

I brought this Rose from Michigan to Alabama in 1974. The bloom isn't entirely open but it make a beautiful bouquet. When the blooms are all open, I will take a photo. Smells divine too!!.


I hope you enjoyed this partial tour of my spring blooms..


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

I did injoy them all, very much. I love the rose. very pretty. Thanks for sharing them.


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Nancy zone 6

Lots blooming in your yard! The first iris seedling is really doing well, makes a lovely clump. Love Queen in Calico. I think all my original columbines have died, but I have lots of seedlings from them. I like some of the seedlings better than the original plants. Beautiful Rhododendron! Mine are just starting to open. I have that same unknown double white & a similar looking pink one too. The white one came from my dad's yard, he had gotten it from a family member who had it for years.
Thanks for sharing your garden!

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shive(6b TN)

So lovely! All of my columbines died during the drought. I used to get a few volunteer seedlings from them every year, but I haven't seen any in two years.


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You sure have a lot of beautiful blooms, I like them all.

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Thank you for the tour. Love the white iris seedling and the trilium. The peonies are gorgeous, I enjoy seeing them in other gardens since my yard is too small to devote so much space to a plant with a limited bloom season.

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I just love the Circa 1884 Gnacchus, Iris and columbines are my very favorites.

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What a beautiful array of plants--definitely better for my soul than chicken soup LOL. Will be looking forward to more lovely pics from your garden. Avedon

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

You do have a lot of blooming going on. And all so pretty. Just love it all. Especially the iris and the columbines.

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Jean, I think you liked the rhododendron photo since I forgot to post the rose. Thanks on!!

The Rose..A poem by my talented daughter about the Michigan Rose..

The haven that my Mother built, outside the kitchen door;
Begins with simple melodies,
The wind defines the score.

Beneath the chimes, a flower bed,
with sprays of vivid green,
the gentle rain, as if a kiss,
bestows a brilliant sheen.

And on the left, a maple tree,
A rose does live beneath;
It's petal grace the moistened earth,
Their beauty they bequeath.

This Rose has grown beneath this tree,
And many trees before,
It's lived at other house past,
outside the kitchen door.

It grows and speaks of presence past,
and future yet to be;
It does not boast or brag it's time,
To flowers or to trees.

And yet it speaks boldly of,
the gift in Mother's hand;
The mark of life she leaves behind,
the Rose, it is her brand.

So gaze upon it's fulsome blooms,
As many have before,
They tell of life and love of land,
and the Mother I adore.

Written by Leslie D. Brooks

ngraham, I have many peonies but they are just starting to bloom. I bought 3 last year that are puny but will have one bloom, hopefully. The white Iris seedling is almost aggressive. I have given awys tons of it and have 2 clumps like the one I posted.

Debra, if you want, I will save you some seed from the Columbines but they will be mixed up.

Thank you very much Linda.

Christine, it's to bad that some don't have enough space for oddball plants. I think they make a garden beautiful.

Martha, thank you because I love the circa 1884 also. I also have Wabash that was the early 1900 but poor baby didn't bloom this year. I think I need to move it..

You are funny Avedon. I had rather see the blooms than have chicken soup anytime...

Rita, that was a drop in the bucket, so to speak. I have La Iris blooming that is very pretty and the Japanese Iris are going to open soon. Most just have a flower or 2 open so I am doing individual pics but that's my thing anyway. I love the closeups.

Thank you all...Have a great day. Ellie


I have been hauling horse manure for a couple of days. I don't have nearly enough since I am going to reset daylilies this fall..

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