Lets show our winter projects........

CrazyDaisy_68February 27, 2007

I'm not sure if I stayed true to what I said I was going to work on this winter on this thread but I DID keep busy!

I've been swamped under a pile of old jeans --- that I turned into fun things like pillows, locker organizers, purses, etc.

and one locker organizer that's going to my sister who collects ladybugs. She would probably love this for her painting studio where she has most of her collection.

And besides sewing I've been busy crocheting too...

a few friends are having babies so I could finally de-stash some baby coloured yarn!

OK, your turn.... what have you all been working on???


(sorry about the picture size. I will go and correct it)

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I did go back to Photobucket and readjusted the picture sizes but it doesn't seem to be "taking"... sorry about that.


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The size looks great to me.


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northspruce(z3a MB CDA)

Ang, the size is fine for me too. Your brower probably just has to refresh.

Adorable little jean things, I love them! Especially the flower pillow. And cute blankets too, very baby-ish :0)

I can't remember what I promised to do this winter, but I haven't done much. I hooked up a sink in the basement bathroom which was gruelling because it wasn't even roughed in for fresh or waste water. Next winter I will be installing a shower and putting tongue-in-groove cedar on all the walls, but I'm kinda out of money right now and it's not a necessity. I also started stripping the varnish from an old bed frame... not sure what the status on that one is... scraping varnish isn't as entertaining as it seems. LOL.

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alalbertaz2b(z2 AB)

I have just finished over the weekend installing hardwood floors in our master bedroom, hallway, living room, kitchen and dining room. It took me about a month working on weekends and after work to install it. The wood is Country Maple and we really like it because it is not all one color. It was fairly easy to install but time consuming, and I missed one weekend because I had to work. Now it is done just in time for me to start planting seeds for plants to put out in the spring. Work never seems to end. I also have to get started making things for next years craft sales.

Picture I took of the floor in the living room.

Cheers Al

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Nice jean pillows Ang, btw did you see that beautiful mermaid in the bubble yet?

Al, your floor is magnificent! Someday I want to do the whole house with hardwood floors too.


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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

Love the pillows Ang! They're adorable.

Congratulations Al! That's a huge job, but well worth it.

I had to go back and re-read what I had written I was going to do, and actually, I'm fairly impressed that we got as much done as we did.

I did manage to get my mom to commit to a new carpet in their basement. It took a weekend to rip out all the old stuff, but what a huge improvement new carpet made in their basement.

I still haven't decided on what window treatments I want for the dining room(I must have commitment issues!), but we did install a new cellular blind in the living room last night, so I'm happy now that we'll be able to actually see the tv mid afternoon on any given sunny day.

Did get the shelves in the bedroom closet......man should have done THAT years ago. What a difference!

And two weeks ago, we did get a new countertop put in the kitchen. Now I'm shopping for backsplash tiles and again am having commitment issues!

I did get one of the faux stained glass pictures done. Here it is:

I want to get at least one more small picture painted, and possibly a larger one too, but we'll see how the time goes.

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Thanks for the kind comments! Sharon, I'll have to make my way over to the bubble again and check it out!

Wow, everyone is getting so much done! This is awesome.

Al, that flooring is fantastic. Wow! That's one big project too.

Laurie, I thought at first that that WAS stained glass. It took a bit to realize that it was painted. Fab work! I would love to see your other project when you get it done!


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alalbertaz2b(z2 AB)

Thanks for the comments on my flooring job! We now do not have any carpet upstairs in our house. The other two bedrooms had almost new linoleum under the carpet so we removed the carpets and left the linoleum.

I like those pillows as it is great way to use up old jeans I am going to show the pictures to my wife to give her ideas.

The stained glass picture is beautiful with a nice clean look to it. Congratulations on a job well done.

Cheers Al

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Winter projects...

Well, in the fall I painted these cute little guys...a snowman and a penguin.

Each Monday I open my home to ladies in the area to come and paint art for their yard and house. Many have come to paint the penguin and the snowman. I am now making a few to sell at the farmer's market in the summer. I have also been teaching how to paint the "stained glass" pictures and also how to paint on slate pieces.

I had frozen some tomatoes in the fall and the fruit for the jam was in the freezer already. I made spaghetti sauce, raspberry, strawberry and apricot jam so far. The picture is of one of the batches of spaghetti sauce.

In the next few weeks I also will be painting more signs to sell at the market.

This year's major project was to get all the pictures of all my perennials in my yard labelled and transfered into Futurephoto and all the information about each perennial inputted into the data base. This picture is posted because it represents all the perennials I have to work with.

I am also in the process of cutting out blue jeans so I can make more blankets.

I have also made some more cards to have on hand for a funeral, wedding, shower or some other event that a card is needed.

Sorry about the size of the card picture and the snowman/spring coming sign picture. They would not shrink to email size in the preview. Guess I will see what size it actually goes when it posts...if it posts.


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WOW Brenda! Everything is fantastic! I especially LOVE the snowman and penguin -- so cute, bright and cheerful. You sure are one busy lady! Great stuff.

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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

I'm so happy that I finally finished all the faux stained glass that I wanted to get done!

Here's the hummingbird:

And the bamboo picture that I would like to try some hardy bamboo planted beside it.;^)

I just have to figure out how to exactly build the bamboo frame for the above one. But I'm sure it won't take as long as it did to paint the picture!lol

I'm also finishing up a Red Hat Lady made from a paving brick. It's going to my MIL for mother's day, as she belongs to the Red Hat group.


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They look really good!! When you frame them, repost. I want to see!! They will look great in the garden this summer!

BTW, what are the dimensions of the bamboo 'stained glass' picture?


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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

Thanks Brenda! The bamboo picture is 28"x8". I definitely will post the "framed" picture.

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Laurie, they are so nice! I would love to see them when they are all framed too.

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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

I finally finished framing the bamboo picture:

The little ones will be "framed" inside an arbour by the garden, so as long as the weather holds out, I'll be able to get to them soon too.

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