The rest of the new babies

ymaddox(ky 6)June 6, 2012

Love them all in my flower beds now but will move to where they will be when they get a bit bigger...when i decide where to put them :)

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Looking good! I especially like the Abies procera 'Sherwoodii', my baby one too is at the same stage of new growth.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i would pull back the mulch.. at least 3 inches from the trunks .... a bare patch, lets say ...

i would stake up the OD .. after snipping off the understock nub ... [BTW.. whats it next to?? .. or is that just an inverted pot??]

i've had problems with black/dark mulch .. in august.. the retained and increased heat.. might cook these tiny babes ... at worst.. causing sunburn ... you might pull the mulch even further back ...

otherwise.. super.. i bet your toes are tingling now.. lol


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ymaddox(ky 6)

Thanks severnside these were a Valentine present from dh and got 8 new mini hostas for mothers day....I love that man :)

Ken its next to a old milk jug...was my moms and it helps with shading a bit...why I chose that spot. I need to know exactly where the understock nub is your seeing? I think I see what your talking about but I think it is grafted to that nub?

Yeah I really love these I picked but this will probably be it for me...I have the hoopsii, walnut glen, and oh the one that turns bus yellow in winter u suggested long ago, ugghhhhhh why can't I think of name....oh well thought it was a gonner and then beautiful new spring flush this year and it is looking gorgeous! I think the od is the other u suggested and I like it alot, the way the needles fade color almost has a 3d effect....really cool. The rest I picked all on my own from want lists from peeps on this forum posting pics...thanks so much all for peaking my interest! Now I have found my conifer source and hostas source...all from the education I got from this site...thank u, thank u, thank u all!

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Nice! I like the Picea orientalis 'Aureospicata'.

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