Strawberries and Asparagus

sweetannie4u(midOK_z6b/7a)April 26, 2013

April is the month for Strawberries and Asparagus here in Oklahoma.

I have been cutting asparagus every day for a week. Last night I grilled a steak and cooked a mess of Asparagus and drizzled them with melted butter and fresh lemon juice. I made blueberry muffins. Talk about a DELICIOUS, vitamin-packed meal!

The strawberries are a little behind this year, just beginning to bloom, but I bought some at the grocery store and am enjoying them sliced fresh on my breakfast cereal or just eating them for a snack.. Tomorrow morning I am thinking about making strawberry crepes for breakfast. I will freeze some for later in the year.

Strawberries and Asparagus are a few of the things I grow in my garden that I enjoy every April. How about you?


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Sounds wonderful. I grew asparagus in NC, but have none here. It's really good raw also. I would really like to have both.

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Hi Annie,..i used to grow Gooseberries and Strawberries alas i couldn't leave the garden without eating some so they were short lived, i grow Lettuce,..Spring Onions,..Cabbage and Leeks in frames,..they last longer lol.


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Lettuce starting.

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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

Our asparagus just now coming up.I also can eat it raw.

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I have one large container of 'Cardinal' Strawberries (the bottom of a 50 gallon metal drum), and two terracotta urns with 'Ozark Beauty' Strawberries, which were developed for this area of the USA.

In two other big pots I have the wild (native) Tennessee Strawberries that I got at Vice Pres. Al Gore's place. They were two little plants that I brought home in a paper soft drink cup and in the two + years I've had them, even though they multiplied, they never got much bigger and NEVER produced any fruit. But after all the rain we've received so far this spring, those tiny plants grew like gangbusters and multiplied, and have HUGE white blooms. Hard to believe those are the same plants! I have high hopes that I'll get some sweet Tennessee strawberries from them this year. Yippee!

I grew the Asparagus from seeds. It took two years before they were finally big enough to harvest, but it was worth the wait. I have enjoyed them every spring for about 16 years now and they self-seed freely, so keep the bed going continuously with new plants They are the "Martha Washington" variety. In late winter when I clean out the hen house, I pile the chicken manure hay on the asparagus bed and that feeds them for another year. After I eat all the spears I can stand for a year, I let them go to ferns. By mid-summer, they are covered in little round seeds that change in colour from green to yellow, then orange and finally bright red. In fall the ferns turn to a golden yellow and combined with the bright red berries, the asparagus beds add dramatic beauty as a backdrop in the orchard-garden.

Wild birds eat some of the berries and I find asparagus growing in the oddest of places on my property, no doubt their contribution for sharing the berries with them, like the one that suddenly began growing in my rose garden twp years ago, or the one growing by the mailbox way down the hill, well over two hundred feet away from the big vegetable garden and the asparagus bed (ha ha ha).

I plant annual Chamomile in and around my Strawberries and Asparagus. They have properties that are mutually beneficial to the other, so they do well together as companion plants.

Soon the wild Morels will start to pop up out of the ground like magic...but that's another April harvest story, and I've told you that one once or twice before.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

This is my first year harvesting asparagus! Ohh, we had a few great meals with it, and our vegetable loving cat Monkee loved it too. I've been growing strawberries for 4 years now. Unfortunately, tons of bugs find our strawberries no matter what I do, so I don't get as many as I used to, and I have to cut out the bug bitten parts of them...but they are still delicious!
Blueberries are smothering the stems of our bushes this year, we had some late cold weather and they seemed to love it. The little plum I planted last year (but it's 5 years old, been in a pot for a long while) is also SMOTHERED with plums. So many I should probably go out and take some off. The pear is however totally naked. I've been out spying on the wild neighborhood blackberries and mulberries too, it looks like another great year for both, and with all this rain we've had here, and cooler weather I suspect that it will also be a wonderful year for nuts.

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