HAVE: Japanese Painted Fern and Blue Fescua @ Issaquah Trade

jburesh1388(z8 WA)August 22, 2005

ooops, I meant "Have" not "Wanted"

I am interested in phlox, monarda, dahlia, roses etc. I would also be interested in just about any flower that likes full/partial sun. No shrubs please.

I have 3 mature 1 gal fescua and 5 starts in 4" pots. I have 1 small fern in a 4" pot and multiple mature plants that I can divide and bring to the swap.



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Hello Jacqui,
I have plenty of red monarda that you are welcome to and some purple. I will have dahlias in the spring. Unless we have a freeze before then, and I hope not, the dahlias won't be ready to dig. Would your Japanese painted fern happen to be the red kind? If not, I already have one and you can just have the monarda.

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jburesh1388(z8 WA)


I would love some purple and red mondarda. I haven't any so far and they look beautiful. My fern are the silver kind. You sure you don't want another? I have a yellow coreopsis called 'Sunburst' too, if you would like.


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I picked up several of the Japanese Painted ferns on sale this spring, so I'm fine. I love that coreopsis, and I already have it, Thanks. I'm happy to put the monarda aside for you. I have the red in several places and want to cut down!

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jburesh1388(z8 WA)

Anyone else interested in trading these plants? The fescua are nice and big in 1 gal pots. I have everbearing strawberry plants for you fruit lovers.

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Doris_J(Z8 WA)

I'm interested in your Japanese Painted Fern. From your list, I have Oxalis oregana (Shamrock) and Salvia forskalei (I mangled the spelling--correct spelling is on my trade list). Or, check my list, and let me know!

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My daughter just moved into a new house with nothing in her yard except grass and bark and a few homedepot cheapo inappropriato plantos, so I would love to trade some of my plants for yours for her.

I'm interested in both some of the the blue fescues and the ferns and from your trade list maybe the lavender (what type is it?).......

From your want list I have some plants that i can dig/divide and get ready for you:
anemones (white)--'Whirlwind' and 'Honorine Jobert'
varigated sweet flag
euphorbia characias and amydaloides
salvia forskoahlei
creeping phlox
tall phlox--light purple and maybe white

Please let me know but if possible please respond to my old regular email:
jbracik (at) msn.com
thanks PNW Judy
now aka 'plantknitter'

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I forgot, I have some Chelone, too.
Let me know what you would like so I can dig and get them ready.

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I would love a Japanese Painted fern if I can make it to the trade. I have Trumpet Vine Orange and Yellow, Butterfly Bushes Lochinch (Purple with yellow eye and HoneyComb Yellow rooted cuttings.
Some other things also.

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jburesh1388(z8 WA)

Thanks everyone for your responses! I am now out of the Japanese Painted Fern. I still have Blue Fescua grass, everbearing strawberry, lavender starts, and white yarrow.

See you all at the trade.

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