HAVE: Thanks Lanelle & Mark

grrrnthumb(z8 WA)September 16, 2007

Thank you both for hosting the plant trade today. I had a great time and got some great plants. I look for forward to seeing you all at the next one.

- Tom Hulse

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Thank you for hosting again.
It was good to see some old regulars and meet new folks too.
I was so happy to get rid of the pots and the plants and only come home with 2 plants!! yipee!
Danika and I had a good time and she got some nice plants, too.
Thanks everyone!
You are all a great group.

Sure missed some of the folks who couldn't make it, though--Doris, Marie, Flora, et al.


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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

Thank-you for hosting Lanelle. I had a great time. Your garden is beautiful and I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful plants and your adorable dogs. I brought home a lot of new plants and it was so nice to visit with everyone. We could have used a few more newbies to take home some of the extras though. Newbies where were you? You missed out on some nice plants. The food as usual was incredible. Thanks again! Karen

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garden_of_mu(Z7/8 PNW)

Thanks for hosting, folks. We had alot of fun visiting with everyone and seeing how great your garden has progressed since the last swap. What a beautiful spread you have. Food was fabulous, and we loved seeing old friends and making new ones. Came home with waaaayyy to many plants though. Hard to avoid with that fantastic free pile (and no thanks to KellieD for stuffing leftovers into our pile of goodies as they headed to the car - a tactic she usually uses on the newbies =). Thanks to all who contributed to the fun.

Mike & Daniel

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Thanks so much for a wonderful day! You have a beautiful property, love the rock garden & vegetable garden & those beautiful dogs!

Thanks to everyone for the great company and the fabulous plants & seeds, I got some real treasures.

;) Andrea

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albabela(8 WA (US))

Mark, Lanelle & Kellie,
Thank you for hosting the trade. We loved the valet parking service for the plants!
Doris, Susan's cake was SOOOOOO good :)
Mike - I am making a coconut veg. curry using those squash for dinner tonight. Thank you!!
It was wonderful to see everyone again. Looking forward to the next trade.

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Thanks Lanella and Mark for being such great hosts. You have a wonderful place out there. I envy your space. Food was great, and the company even better. Love visiting with all of you. Not to mention the great plants I came home with. Never mind I haven't figured out yet what I am going to do with all of these wonderful tropicals. I

Would love to have a couple of recipes especially that yummy risotto, the rice Shilpa brought and the chicken salad that was in the croissants.

Kellie..I meant to mention how much I am enjoying the dahlias you gave me at Teresa's. Cherry Drop especially has made quite an impression on everyone that's seen it.

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leafman(7. WA.)

Hi this is David, the person that came with Andi. So........this is what a plant trade is like. WOW! I had a great time, everybody was so friendly, and so generous, my goodness! I will bring more plants to the trade next time, thank you so much guys. I went home with a full stomach, that food was excellent! I will never forget all of you gardeners, or the dogs, or your barn and garden, or that rockery, YIKES that rockery was really cool! Thank you Andi for inviting me.


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Thanks Lanelle, Mark, and Kellie,
I had a great time. It was nice to see how your garden has progressed since the last time! I love the rock garden. Thanks for the wonderful plants. I was really trying to limit my plants, but I still brought home as much as I brought. Luckily, I brought less this time! I got out and dug for an hour this morning. I have to finish my other raised bed so I can get these plants in the ground!
Nice meeting the new people and visiting with the regulars. Doris, we missed you. I'll save the sedum for next time.
Karen, I owe you big time for that huge clematis and all those cyclamen! Just let me know what you would like.
Mike and Daniel, we had your squash for dinner tonight. It was very good.
Thanks all,

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You're all very welcome. We spent the afternoon making our Calgary friends dig holes for trees!
Lanelle and Mark

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Thanks Mark, Lanelle, and Kellie for putting us up again. Had a great time, though I'm sorry I had to cut it short. Such is the life of a soccer mom LOL! The food was great, came home with more plants that will find happy homes here, and I got to spend the morning with friends :)

And thanks to everyone for the great food!!!


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jburesh1388(z8 WA)

I'll add my thanks as well as Karin's. We both had a great time as usual. She loved your dogs and I loved your land. Beautiful on both accounts!

Thanks for the great plants everyone. see you at the green elephant!

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Hey all :
How great it was to see you all again~ I really had missed you ( a year and a half is to long )!! I won't let that be happening again!!! The food ~the plant~the fun ..OH MY!!!!Thanx so much you hostesses with the mostesses...the parking is so top notch there!!! And you Know us, it is hard to imagine us not to have a nice spread of food...but that was over the top!! God BLess you all. Have fun settling in for the coming winter !!! See U in spring~LuvFrani

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