nitrogen deficiency?

darobi2459(5)April 16, 2013

Hi daylily friends! Some of my seedlings arent looking so healthy recently :( Many have droped there bottom leaves, and are curling, and loosing there green or turning brown.

Im new at starting from seeds, so im guessing from my experience from mature plants here as it being a nitrogen deficiency? They have been fertilized with miracle grow jump start a few times diluted by half.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)


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Dear David,

This may seem like a silly question, but when my seedlings start to turn brown with the bottom leaves dying it's aphids. Check for those little devils - they can infest a tray of seedlings and kill quite a few before I notice them. If you have them I can suggest what's worked for me to get rid of them fast.

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I havent seen any aphids, but that of course doesnt mean there not there. I have some nats. I have a fan blowing in the area too. A friend thought the humidity level was to low and check for that. How did you get rid of those aphids Thomas? Thanks :)

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Just figured how to post multiple pics lol

Thanks everyone, I hate being an annoyance newbie :)

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Julia NY(6)

Number of things COULD be the cause:
Over/ under fertilized. You said you fertilized twice with a weakened portion of mix. Is it 10-10-10 or what?
Gnats are in the soil and feasting on the roots.
Not enough sun light/ warm temp in relation to the amount of watering. Water from the bottom, not top.
Build up of salt from your water source.

Be sure your have no "mold" growing on the surface of the medium your growing your seedlings in.

It is natural for outter leaves to die back but also you should have new growth come from the center.

It is always hard to tell what is the primary cause. so you may need to try a few different things.

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Hi Juliany, I used a half mix of 4-12-4 quick start, I think it was 3 times, and there is a quarter mix of jobes organic fert mixed in the media. That is a 4-4-4. I always water from the bottom, fill the tray about half inch above the bottom. It soaks it up usually all the way in an hour or so. I have had some mold, I usualy just mix it around to break it up.

Thanks for the tips :)

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