wanted: have *red* pyracantha berries?

mercurial626(PNW Zone 8)September 13, 2004

Hi, all:

I'm looking for a mere 5 or so red Pyracantha berries (don't like the orange ones) so that I can propagate the seeds.

I can trade Yucca filamentosa (several), lemon balm, possibly oregano, and/or eternal gratitude. (Sorry, pretty boring, I know.)

I can also give you some of the new plants if it works.

Thanks much.

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I have pyracantha, though I can't remember the variety. One of my bushes looks pretty red, so if you'd like I'll send you some berries and you can see if they're what you wanted. If not, better luck elsewhere, and if so, eternal gratitude suffices.
How do you need them sent? Should I just pick the berries, wrap them and send them in bubble wrap? What time should they be picked?
Let me know if you're interested. My email is Irish_Yankee at hotmail . com , minus, of course, the spaces. :-)


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Most plants don't come true from seed.
The plants you get from seed will be genetically variable and likely would not produce plants that have red berries, but could produce some that get even redder berries, if you get lucky. It could be a good experiment but I think you would need more than 5 seeds and room to grow all the plants to flowering size.
I would suggest asking for and getting then propagating cuttings from a plant that has the berry color you like.

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mmegaera(8bWA 4Sunset)

I was under the impression (gotten from somewhere) that the red-berried varieties of pyracantha are not hardy in the NW. Is that correct?


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