WANTED: Ribes sanguineum seeds to trade

barb_from_london(6a)June 19, 2007

I have some Ribes sanguineum seeds from Van Dusen Botanical Garden which I decided not to sow since my neighbour has white pines and I don't want to infect them. It is a showy West Coast native shrub that blooms in spring with bright red panicles of flowers, followed by edible fruit (or so I'm told). It is an alternate host for white pine rust or something though so if you or your neighbours have white pine, don't grow currants! You can find an image and some more information about the plant at http://gardensnorth.com - look it up under "Woodies".

As for a trade, I'm not that interested in annuals. I have a lot of shade so most border perennials aren't much use to me either. I am interested in shade perennials though.

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linkir(Nova Scotia 6b)

Would love to trade for your ribes sanguinium.
I have wintergreen (gaulteria procumbens) - a great groundcover for shade but it prefers acid soil; a groundcover rose (yellow and white, moderate;y fragrant, grows about 3 feet tall and likes part shade)lost the tag but it might be "Immensee" or "Grouse"; do these appeal to you or is there something you're looking for?
Kirsten in NS

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Would the Gaulteria procumbens be a plant or seeds? I'm trying to start an acidic plant area (a fight against nature in London Ontario!) so I would be interested in the wintergreen!

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linkir(Nova Scotia 6b)

(I was looking for an e-mail and forgot to check back!)
You can have either plants or seeds - just tell me how many and which type. I think the plants would be easier for you, and mailing shouldn't be a problem - they're tough little plants.
Kirsten (linkir@eastlink.ca)

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