HAVE: Brugmansia (Angel's Trumpet), assorted

jeffseattle(z6 PA)September 12, 2005

I'm moving at the end of the month, and have about 30 brugmansias between three and four feet tall. They're extremely rootbound in 4-inch pots, but are healthy and well cared for. They're assorted lemon-yellow "Sunray" and peach "Jean Pasco" - they're not blooming right now and I only have a couple that are labeled. Both kinds get the same huge, fragrant flowers. These aren't really a practical size to mail, so I'm hoping to trade with folks in the area (I'm in West Seattle).

As you can see from the link, these plants grow very quickly in summer and can get huge. (The guy in the picture is 5' 10" - yes, all the yellow flowers are on one plant.) I bought the "Sunray" in the picture as a three-foot plant, and I overwintered it in a cool greenhouse. If they get too big you can prune them back hard in the winter, and they'll take off again in the spring.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Patrick888(z8 SeaTac WA)

Hey Jeff,

If you're moving, are you looking to trade for seeds only? I do have seeds that aren't listed on my out-of-date trade list...and lots of plants.

I started collecting brugs just this year and have 17 plants so far. I grew some from seeds & the rest from cuttings. I've been posting a few pics on the Brug forum.

I'm wondering...did I trade daturas with you last year?


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What would you like to trade for? please check my list. thankyou carol

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jeffseattle(z6 PA)

Hi, Patrick - I may have traded with you last year. Did you give me that variegated juniper? (What's that called again? It's so cool!) Yes, seeds would be more practical at this point, although no one ever accused me of being a practical gardener. My list is recently updated, and should give you a general idea.

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greenelephant(Woodinville WA)


To where are you moving? In the area or far away? First the fish. Now the brugs. Can I help you keep some of your stuff until you get reestablished? If you're interested I have space to hold plants for you.



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Crysdian(Seattle, Wa)

Hello Jeff...Im new to the site and just purchased a home in Seattle. If by chance you havent given them away or have an extra cutting...Id love to give them a shot. At the moment i have nothing to trade as Im building my garden..but perhaps in the future.
Thank you

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