HAVE: for Treeplam trade...

albabela(8 WA (US))September 5, 2005

My trade list is limited but updated,

so far, I am bringing:

plants for Teresa

daylily for Carol

hucheras (PP)for Doris

gallon pots for Andi (if you still need more)

various stuff for Susan

food for pot luck

and a newbie buddy

please remind me if I owe you a trade.

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am I supposed to bring you something?thankyou carol

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Oh you are the sweetest thing (must be the fact your born on Jan 5 - my birthday too! :-). ) Various stuff for Susan sounds fabulous...especially after looking at your list hehe. Would there possibly be one of your rooted gardenias in the various stuff?? I would really like to try one in my yard here. Its kind of a southern thing and reminds me of home. I am going to bring you a little small, possibly miniature hosta that I have. It got to no more than 6 inches across for the whole plant, so I am thinking it might be close to miniature. Kind of a goldish green. Not sure of the name as it was one of the only things the former owners plants here. If there is anything else off my list you'd like please let me know. I can't resist posting a pic of the hydgrangea I bought at the memorial plant sale earlier this year that I believe was donated by one of your friends. It had a rough (hot) start in my yard, but ohhhh it turned out so beautiful. All blue and purple and pink and white at the same time!

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albabela(8 WA (US))

Carol - at the spring trade, I got some fabulous plants from you, and at that time I had nothing to exchange. I remember promising you that I will bring you a daylilly or two for the fall trade as an exchange.

Susan, I would love to have the mini hosta. Thanks for posting the hydrangea picture. I am sure the lady who donated it for LeAnna plant sale, would be glad to see it so well cared for. Re. the gardenia, the parent plant is coddled and brought indoors during winter, so I don't know if it will thrive (let alone survive)in our winter.


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I will bring you the little hosta. If the gardenia is already promised thats ok, but if not would love to try it. I will promise to continue to coddle :-).

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Yup... I would love some gallon pots if you have any. I'll bring you some black mondo grass and a piece of Iris 'Half Magic' (cross between pacific coast iris and siberian - gorgeous) or another PCI, whichever I can get to first.



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albabela(8 WA (US))

OMG, a PCI and mondo grass!! Holy cow! Whoohoo!
Umm, thanks Andi!

Slight change in plans, the newbie buddy can not make it so I will replace her with some chairs that Teresa needs :)

My hydrangea (4 ft lace cap)is still up for grabs. Anyone??
I don't have room for it and don't want to overwinter it.


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The hydrangea won't go to waste if you bring it...... :-)

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