WANTED: Late Season Color

Doris_J(Z8 WA)September 6, 2004

I'm looking for some late season bloomers. I've got too much that blooms in June and is done by August. Any suggestions? I'm going to the Lake Tapps trade.

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Doris - Can I bring you a Tricyrtis 'Togen'? I also have some salvia coccinea 'Lady in Red' that is an annual but reseeds and has awesome late summer, bright red color. And you can't beat Rudbeckia hirta for late fall bloom, mine usually go until at least November. The only thing with that is that it gets tall and lanky so must be cut down part way in the spring.

Let me know.. I have all three that I can bring to the Lake Tapps trade.


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Doris_J(Z8 WA)

That Salvia sounds good, Andi! The old man wants bright color, and I'll bet the hummingbirds like it. Yes, please!

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chrisrobt(z8 MI,WA)

Doris, how about some Hesperantha (AKA schizostulus)??? It looks like small glads and comes in red, pink and white. Mine are blooming now and will continue until frost (February last year). They spread by rhyzomes and can grow in full sun as long as they get lots of water-but we live in the NW so no problem. I plan to make it to the Lake Tapps trade.


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Doris_J(Z8 WA)

I could go for some red or pink, Christine, thanks!

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Doris, come over and point. I have just finished loading my garden up for the wedding and most will not survive where I have them.
When I get organized --Ha!-- I could try to post what I can get rid of.

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Doris_J(Z8 WA)

Cool, Judy! Can I come over and point next weekend?

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