This heat is killing me!

greatplainsturf(6/7 OK)July 10, 2011

I don't know how many of you outside Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas are experiencing this, but this summer is the worst ever. Oklahoma's drought is WORSE than the dust bowl of the 1930's. Can't buy any rain. On top of that we have insanely hot temps. 111 degrees today. OKC averages 10 days above 100 each year. We are at something like 19 so far with every day in the forecast the same. May not break till September.

All this to say, this it not good for my new conifers at my new house. All the trees are under 1 year transplanted. I have noticed that many of them are starting to show signs of burn, yellow on needle tips, some brown on the top needles on The west side etc. I am watering at least once a week as needed, and I have also resorted to building burlap screens on the west side of all these trees. Will this be affective in slowing down the burn? Is there anything else i should do to get me through this awful summer? I hope I never experience one of these again.

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greatplainsturf(6/7 OK)

Forgot to mention which conifers I have. Hoopsi and bakeri blue spruce, Norway spruce, black hills spruce, bergman's gem oriental spruce, and blue atlas cedar.

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dcsteg(5 Shawnee, KS.)

Hose them down several times a day for a cool down.


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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

The dog days have arrived, sounds like they've been around for you for quite some time.

Good luck...just make sure the water is penetrating the top of the rootball. I found two yesterday that had a crusted layer in which water wasn't penetrating, I used a putty knife to slowing peel away layers so I did't do any root damage.

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Nice comfortable 19ðC here today, just perfect for conifers ;-)


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True Resin, but the stair rod showers were getting me a little worried, my containers were swimming.

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As noted in another thread, the heat here IS horrible this year. 80-85 at night and 100-105 days, the trees just can't get a break and the roots of anything planted in the last year or two are still sooooo shallow and they just can't get cooled off.

I know you're a blue spruce guy so I'll just speak to Bizon Blue, Baby Blue Eyes, The Blues, Blue Mist, one of my Glauca Procumbens, Hoopsi and my baby Rovelli's Monument are still hanging in there - some with a little scattered browing. But during this long heatwave my Bakeri is beginning to lose the fight and I have lost a Glauca Procumbens, Globosa, R H Montgomery and my other baby Rovelli's Monument.

It's an ugly year for us with a lot of summer to go. I have shade cloth up everywhere and have my fingers crossed.


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