WANTED: Elderberry

Fezdani(5a)July 12, 2014

Looking for any edible elderberry variety:
Common Elderberry
(Sambucus nigra)
Common Elderberry (Sambucus nigra)Other common names: American Elder, Black Elderberry, Canada Elderberry, Common Elder
Other scientific names: Sambucus canadensis, Sambucus cerulea, Sambucus mexicana, Sambucus orbiculata, Sambucus simpsonii

We have the fire engine red variety that we can't eat and would love to start a patch of the edible kind.

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The common Elderberry in Canada is Sambaucus canadensis, Sambaucus nigra is the European Elderberry, both are edible.
Are you able to find a wild Elderberry in your area? The easiest way to propagate is to wait for buds to swell in the spring and then take a good sized cutting and bury most of it. If kept moist it will root without problem.
Not sure where you are in Ontario, your profile doesn't say. I know of several sources for named varieties if you want to mail order. These give higher fruit yields but the wild type is worth growing as well.


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Thank you for the good advice on how to propagate Elderberry. I do know where there is wild elderberry growing, but it's in a conservation area on a public trail. I can't take cuttings from there, I guess I will see if I can find anyone who might have them growing on their property but I'm not sure how to find people. Maybe put up an ad in kijiji!

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