Old Man Winter Moving in for yet another KILL

sweetannie4u(midOK_z6b/7a)April 9, 2013

I worked in the Upper Potager garden yesterday. Got a LOT done and re-designed this year's beds for the veggies and herbs. I love it!

The little Fruit trees I planted last year have grown and are blooming. Their geometrical layout in the garden inspired me to redesigned the central garden area.

I created a huge square bed in the center between the fruit trees and there will be dozens of little 3X3 beds of flowers, herbs and veggies within that big square. The corn, potatoes, beans and okra, etc., will be grown in large rectangular beds outside of the big square and at angles to it. I really like this new design, and if it works, I will keep it. The designated beds can be charted and that will more easily allow me to rotate my crops and plants every year afterward.

My hands and fingers are swollen and hurt today. but I am pleased at all the progress I made in just one day. Still have more weeding to do down in the little kitchen garden, but the idea hit me about how to re-design the big garden...and I jumped on it while the idea was fresh in my mind.
I am taking pictures of ALL m projects, but my computer will not upload the pics for some darn reason. (grrrr)

Going out to take photos right now of the garden in Spring while I still can. Today we have a big bad Cold Front moving down from Colorado. With it crashing into our current hot and moist air up from the Gulf of Mexico, we are expected to get severe thunderstorms, with heavy rain, hail and of course Tornadoes.

By sunset, the temps will drop from our current temps in the low 80s, down to 32 degrees! Tonight it will be hovering around freezing and the rain will change over to sleet and snow. Swell!
Highs tomorrow will only be in the low 40s, at best, and then tomorrow night it is supposed to dip down into the lower 20s or teens. I could just scream and pull my hair out!!!!!

Then, warm right back up as the Cold Front moves on eastward.

Glad I didn't set out my beautiful tomatoes and peppers plants yet. Not sure what to do to protect everything else from freezing. My poor beautiful daylilies, irises and roses and countless other flowers and flowering trees and bushes too. Everything is leafed out and the grass has already needed to be mowed it grew so deep. So many flowers are going to be damaged. So many!

It is an unbelievably cruel trick of Nature to do this after weeks of warm weather and rains making everything grow and flower, to then send Old Man Winter back in to destroy it all. Unreal!!!!
But there it is...all out front...big, hairy and ugly. There it is.

There are just too many roses and plants to cover and not sure I can save anything if I do cover them.

Trying to garden here on the Southern Plains is a freaking nightmare!

I just feel like sitting down and bawling my fool head off.
But that will change nothing -
I just hope the ground is sufficiently heated up during the past few weeks that it will act as some sort of heat shield or heat barrier for the poor plants.

I best hurry if I am to get any pictures taken - Old Man Winter is Moving in for yet another Kill.

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sweetannie, So sorry for the bad weather you have coming. Hope you don't lose too much. Sounds like you've gotten a lot done. Can't wait to see your pics

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Annie, if it isn't raining tomorrow night, when it is supposed to freeze, if you have any fans you could set them to blow on the susceptible area and it would prevent frost. Been there, done that. I am so sorry. The weather has been unruly this year.

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Yep - We got an inch or so last night and are expected to get another 4-6 inches of snow tonight.

Most of our snow build up had finally melted away last week - but here we go again. We may not even have daffodils until mid May this year !!!

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thinman(Z5 MI)

That is definitely a dirty dirty trick, and I would be feeling exactly the same way. We are supposed to get hit with it too, but it won't do us any real harm, since our gardens are still under snow. We will still complain about it though.

Sorry, Annie.


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