HAVE: for Lake Tapps trade

newfheadSeptember 12, 2007

Eragrostis elliotti

Sedums, semps and jovibarbas  lots of variety (dozens); wonÂt dig unless someone wants some, you can see them in situ on the day.

Crocosmia ÂSolfatareÂ

Crocosmia ÂCastle Ward LateÂ

Crocosmia  a couple more Kellie can identify!

Gaillardia ÂFanfareÂ

Hellebore  dark purple seedlings

Begonia grandis ÂHeronÂs Pirouette seedlings

Papaver orientale ÂPattyÂs PlumÂ

Monarda ÂJacob ClineÂ

Aster  shades of blue and purple  3 tall

Euphorbia myrsinites

Shasta daisy


Lots of heuchera  Snow Angel, GeishaÂs Fan, Green Spice, 3 different dark purples that Kellie can identify

Carex tenuiculmis ÂCappuccinoÂ

Lavatera  pink

Variegated horseradish

Eryngium planum (?)

Gooseberry start

Brunnera ÂJack FrostÂ

Brunnera ÂLooking GlassÂ

Humulus lupulus 'Aureus'

I'm looking for:

Heuchera 'Obsidian'




We're looking forward to hosting you all on Saturday!


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What kind of maples are you looking for? I have vine maples, a seedling of a large leafed red maple-(?red norway maple) but the seedling does not have very red leaves, some native bigleaf maples, some regular green, tall japanese maples from seedlings...maybe a sugar maple, I'll have to check.
I can bring a piece of a penstemmon I got from Harley Girl, it blooms purple for me, I could swear it was blue at her place.

I would love a piece of Crocosmia 'Solfatare', and Brunnera 'Looking glass'
and maybe Begonia grandis ÂHeronÂs Pirouette seedlings


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Okay, Lanelle. I don't own Looking Glass yet!!! Start me one later??

I've got a Heuchera Obsidian in need of long-term (read permanent) babysitting!

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Hello Lanelle,
I have a coulpe of different penstemon babies. I have several penstemon in the same area, but these are under "chocolate drop" and a purple one that I have to check the name of. I also have crocosmia Lucifer and a yellow one, if you don't have them. I would love Crocosmia ÂCastle Ward Late', a Crocosmia Kellie can identify and some interesting Sedums, semps or jovibarbas. Can't wait for the trade!

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Hi Lanelle...Thanks so much for hosting this trade. I would love to trade for your Papaver orientale ÂPattyÂs Plum and your Monarda ÂJacob ClineÂ. I have Crocosmia Lucifer and an orangish and orangish red Montbretia..just not sure which is which as they have successfully co-mingled in the garden. I also have some purple Penstemon.

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albabela(8 WA (US))

I would love the Euphorbia myrsinites and a seedling (or two)of Begonia grandis ÂHeronÂs PirouetteÂ. I can bring you a small maple seedling. Anything else from my list?

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I also have:
Festuca amethystina
Heuchera 'Gypsy Dancer'
Heuchera - 'Midnight Burgandy'

perennial lobelia - blue
campanula glomerata
hosta - variegated white/green, scented white flowers
corydalis lutea

PNWJudy - thanks for the golden hops offer - I love the one I have but don't really have a spot a second one could run as wild! I love all kinds of maples (ask my sister Kellie!), and don't have a bigleaf one currently so that would be great.

Teresa and bejoy - I have Lucifer, but the others sound great. Clearly, I have crocosmia issues as well as the aforementioned acer issues.

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Could I have some variegated horseradish and perennial lobelia??

I have two penstemon smallii 'violet dusk' if you'd like.


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Hi Lanalle,
I saw the crocosmia and didn't even read the rest of the list! I REALLY would like a variegated horseradish and a Papaver orientale ÂPattyÂs Plum'. Now, what else can I bring you?

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Andrea, the penstemon sounds great, thanks.

Hi Teresa,I'd love scabiosa 'Dark Prince' if you still have some.

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They are yours.

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Oh, sorry

I guess I can't read correctly on the computer, I thought you needed a hops. Oh, well...

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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

Judy is there anything on my list that you might like to trade a golden hops for?
- Tom

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nightnurse1968 (Suzy)

Hi Lanelle,
I would love either of the following:
Heuchera 'Green Spice'
Heuchera 'Geisha's Fan'

I have several of Karen's (Flowerfan) beautiful maple seedlings that I would be happy to share from. I don't know the names of the parents, but some have very pretty red leaves/stems all year and very lacy. Can I surprise you with a couple? Please also see my post and trade list for anything else you might like.

If your semp population is getting to large I wouldn't be opposed to adopting a few. :-)

Thanks so much for hosting us. The trade at your house 3 years ago was the first I ever attended so it has a warm place in my heart!

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I love Karen's seedlings and always have space for more. My husband is the sedum/semp collector and his rock wall plants are getting huge so there are plenty to trade. I keep ordering new ones online, too. Guess that makes me an enabler.
I see a darmera peltata on your page - if you still have it I'd love it.

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grrrnthumb(z8 WA)

Does anyone know if Karen is coming? I still owe her big from the last trade where she dropped stuff off for us but wasn't able to come.
- Tom

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nightnurse1968 (Suzy)

Lanelle I have you down for maples and a darmera. The darmera is basically just the root, but will make a big plant in the spring!

Tom, Karen isn't going to be able to make it to Lanelle's but she said she was going to try and come to the GE.

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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

Hi Lanelle, I made it back a day early from our trip so I will be coming. I would love one of your gaillardia fanfare, a 3'purple aster, and a Carex tenuiculamis Cappuccino. I have maple seedlings, I have a lot of cyclamen which are great for your winter garden and clematis and lots of other stuff on my trade list. LMK if you would like to trade. Thanks! Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Karen's trade list

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Hi Karen, how about trade for Miscanthus sinensis-morning light and a primula kisoana if you still have them? I'll let you choose your own color purple aster tomorrow as there are a few different ones. Thanks! Lanelle

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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

Hi Lanelle, that's fine. I also have some Penstemon barbatus(red flowers) seedlings I forgot about, so I will bring you some of those as well. Thanks for hosting. I am really looking forward to seeing your garden. See you soon. Karen

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By now everyone has made it back from the trade. I am sure it was a lot of fun--could I talk you into a trade (albeit a late trade:()for maybe later? I'd love to have Papaver orientale ÂPattyÂs Plum (actually I've been persuing it for about four years)and I promise I will find something you can't refuse. Thanks, Flor de Maria

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Sure, I'll put your name on a piece. Now the only trick is getting it to you.

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Hi Lanelle....so sorry I missed the trade. It was unintentional for sure. My daughter and I started out with a truck bed full of plants..only to realize while on the road to the trade that we were going in the wrong direction. I had the wrong address. I did not receive the address to your trade..and pulled up one that said directions to the plant trade...so thought that was it. It wasn't....but was for a previous one.

The problem I found out is with my email server...they are not letting some emails through...among them are some of my favorite people's emails .....my daughter's emails are amongst them?? But I am getting emails from those I don't know..so..?????COMPUTERS!!!! I may change my email address...but not yet.
AND~~I will be at the Green Elephant plant trade in November..or at least plan on being there..and since I know where it is..having been there before...I feel sure my plans will win out this time.

So..if you will be there...would you still like me to bring you some of the plants I mentioned? If so let me know and I will make sure you get them.

You can try contacting me with this email server...it seems to be a hit and miss thing except for certain favortie addresses it is not letting through....GRRR! Not knowing your email address I can't get you other than through GW.

I just got home a day ago...the ferry was in dry dock for the past week plus..so rather than being island bound..I stayed with my daughter just so I could go to your plant trade.hehe Life takes its own turns from time to time..hehe

Anyway..sorry for missing your great trade....and hoping to hear from you and hoping you will be going to the Green Elephant trade.

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I just saw your message. After a trade it all gets confusing. I forget who I wrote to and which links to check. Thanks so much for the response. You are right--the trick is going to be getting it me. I am almost tempted to drive to your place. Do you ever come to Seattle or its sorrounding areas? E-mail me at flholmes1@aol.com to discuss what you want/need for my side of the trade. I am really looking forward to this. Thanks a lot, again, again, and again.

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It has been a long time since the trade and as I hear the rain out the window I long for warmer days--which is what made me think of the poppies and your offer. I'd really like to get this variety. Could you drop me an e-mail so I can device ways to try to get you to trade with me :)?
Thanks a lot,

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