Cedrus libani ssp atlantica 'Glauca' in stress?

fotisrJuly 22, 2011

Hello, I planted this tree last august to its current position. Last year made two growths, one in late April and one in early August. Due to being in a pot until then, the total growth was less than 20cm (8 inches). It also produced 5 pollen cones.

This year the tree seems to be establishing quite well (long growing season for the roots here in Greece) and it exploded with vigorous growth. Until now the top has made 35cm (14 inches) of growth, and still growing, and this is only the first growth for this year.

What seems to concern me a bit is that this year the tree started to produce over 50 pollen cones though it is quite young.

it looks like almost every bud that is not at the tip of a branch, produced a pollen cone instead of a secondary branch.

Is this a sign of stress or could it be something else, like it really is quite happy and produce so many cones?

It really looks fantastic and vigorous in every direction.

Best regards,


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Looks fine to me. If it is a grafted plant, it will be physiologically adult, so more liable to produce cones. You may well find it will stop doing this for a few years as it starts to establish itself.


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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

What concerns me is the stake, because it implies a deformed root system that is unable to hold the top upright. Kinked, circling, j-roots etc. are pandemic among container-grown nursery plants over here - this includes field-grown stock, because that was often planted out from pots into the field.

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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

My experiences with staking conifers is that it's not wise to bind it high in the top, trees hate this and will create another leader instead.
Fotis, your Cedrus will be greatful if you will remove the highest wire...

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Thank you for your answers.

Resin, it doesn't show any sign of grafting down to the root flare but I can't be sure.

bboy, it was a bit messy when I took it out of the pot but not that bad. I fix the lower roots into a radial spread but I'm sure that the inner ball was worse. And that seems to be the reason for not keeping a straight top, along with the fact that the tree is not established yet.

Edwin thank you for that. Will do so as soon as I post this!

Best reagrds,

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

>I'm sure that the inner ball was worse. And that seems to be the reason for not keeping a straight topYes, this is exactly the same chronic problem with grafted conifers (and much other woody stock) presented to the retail market here. Root-stocks used appear to have been left sometimes for years in small bands before being grafted, resulting in the finished specimen having a hopeless tight knot of roots right at the base of the stem at planting time.

I seldom buy grafted conifers anymore because this situation is so consistent here.

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