Birthday Present!!!!!!

hunnerbun(Z-0b, Manitoba)August 23, 2006

Well hubby surprised me this past weekend with a trip to Winnipeg. My birthday was Sunday so we went down to shop and for a change of scenery.

I must say I shopped like the world was going to end but man I needed some new clothes. There is really only a Reitmans and WalMart here for shopping, so needless to say I went crazy in Winnipeg. Not just clothes shopping either, I brought back a pallet loaded with stones to build a retaining wall and 20 bags of bark mulch...happy birthday to me...LOL.

Anyway, the best gift was a total surprise...I thought the trip was the present, but it wasn't...hubby got me a new camera. I have been saying for a while that I want to learn photography so he got me .....a Canon EOS Rebel XT....Its a camera that I have been drooling over for a while now. I have a bunch of info sites bookmarked on my computer and everything. He didn't know that was the one I wanted, but Mr. Internet Researcher checked out a bunch of different stuff and this was the best one he thought. I am so excited. I have been snapping pictures of everything that moves...or doesn't move for that matter. He also bought me a 2 gig memory card for it, so I can go nuts.

The down side is that when we got home last night and tried to load the software on my computer we discovered that my cd drive isn't working, and I don't have a spare USB port for the cable to connect to. Looks like I need a bit of a computer upgrade for this thing!

So as soon as I get everything up and running, I'll have tons of pics to post.

Gonna have to start reading some tutorials on photoshop and other stuff!

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Oooh...congrats!! (and a belated Happy Birthday!) I've been drooling over the same camera for some time now...sounds like you had quite the trip!
A pallet of stones and 20 bags of mulch, plus clothes...did you have to take trailer?? ;-)
Look forward to seeing the pics as you try out your new camera!


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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

What a great birthday for you, Michele! Lucky girl!

You can buy a USB hub thingy at Walmart. It plugs into a USB port on your computer and then you can plug any extra USB cords into that. I have a 4-port one. Cheaper than upgrading your whole computer!

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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB)

Happy Belated Birthday Michele!

Wow, it sounds like you had a great shopping trip in Wpg! Hurry up, and get that camera going so you can post a ton of pictures of your garden :^)

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hunnerbun(Z-0b, Manitoba) careful what you wish for Laurie!

Hubby fixed everything for me today. he did get a USP thingy and I now actually have 2 extra ports, and he put in a new dvd writer/cd drive, so I can now write my own photo DVD's...sweet!

I took a bunch of pics this morning, and did get them onto the computer but I have to load them to photobucket and then I can post them on here.

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alalbertaz2b(z2 AB)

Happy birthday Michelle!!!

That must have been some shopping trip. You must have had to rent a U-haul to take everthing back!!

Cheers Al

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Laurie_z3_MB(sw MB) careful what you wish for Laurie!

Can I put in a request for pics of all your clematis? :^)
Hopefully some are still blooming. I'll be going up to my parents farm for a few days, but I'll be looking forward to seeing all those pics of yours when I get back!

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Michele, happy belated birthday!! I didn't notice your birthday date in our birthday list. Which day was it last week?

I can imagine your truck box must have been quite full.

Love the camera your DH got for you! I hope you will enjoy using it. The quality of pictures that come from a great digital camera are amazing! I also want to see your clematis and other perennials you've planted over the years.

Did you get the retaining wall built already? Please post before, during construction and after construction pictures of it in the gallery for all of us to see. Okay?


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