Spring In Ireland.

nultyApril 1, 2013

I was AWOL for quite a spell,..and only started posting this past week so i have a lot of catching up to do.

Our weather north of where i live shows snowdrifts up to 15 feet,..same for parts of England,..however where i live only a few flakes.

Video===Spring In Ireland

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Glad you're back, glengarry! Here in Texas spring has finally arrived (I hope!) - roses are getting ready to bloom, evening primroses are just starting to bloom, it will be a sea of pink for a little while. Will try to get pics.

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Thank you Ogrose,..just over a week ago i posted last October to December blooms that will indicate how far behind i was.

Video===October to December Blooms.

I had to put my dog of 18 years to sleep,..i thought i was prepared for this,..i was wrong and it hit hard,..enough said.

So Texas Spring has arrived and roses getting ready to bloom,..yikes i wish i could see a bud here,..its the coldest Spring since records began,..looking forward to seeing your pictures.


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Beautiful photo Phillip.

It was beautiful here Easter Day, but turned back to the cold and rainy again for the past three days. Dreadful.
Almost everything that blooms in Spring is abloom right now. in whites, corals, yellows, pinks, cerise and purples. The grass is green and growing fast and the wild birds are mating and building nests. My hens have started to lay eggs again, as well.
The honeybees are out in force visiting everything that blooms, and the earth smells clean and renewed.
It's really a wonderful time of the year.
I am beyond being anxious to get out into the garden to plant my veggies though. I did set out Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Cabbages, and some parsley growing, but nothing more. Spring is rather late here this year and I haven't wanted to venture out and take any chances with a late winter storm moving into the state and then end up losing everything. We are a good 2-3 weeks behind our normal tie to start gardening this year. What a bummer!


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koszta_kid(Iowazone 5)

It is starting so very slow to warm up here in Iowa.Rivers and creeks starting to drop.But to get much needed rain next week..

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Hi Annie,
sorry to see your weather still has not made its mind as to it being spring or stepping back to winter,..and rain for the past three days is frustrating seeing we all want to get out there and do things in the garden,..well that's just what i have got up to this past three days,..sunny and warm around noon each day,..as for rain none for a very long spell that is certainly not like Ireland with our high rate of rain and mists,..i was with watering can in hand this past two days seeing everything is popping up.

Like you spring is rather behind here but everything will catch up the only problem is planting out,..is frost finished?,..fingers crossed for your veg.


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Hi koszta_kid,..nice to see you here!,..you can see how sunny it is here by the pictures below,..basking in sun but beside my new rose bushes.

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Smudge and Popeye.

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I have a grey with white cat that looks very like your little Popeye.
His name is Uncle Elizabeth, "Unk" for short, but also goes by Monkey Cat.

Smudge is a pretty fella with very unusual markings and those golden eyes.

Yesterday, I lost yet another one of my dear cats. Like the others, he was poisoned. His name was Jack. He was a Ginger cat with white makings. Very big and very sweet. Jack went by several names: Jack, Jackie Cat, Cheddar Jack and Cheddar.
He was to me, "Jackie".

It was raining and cold, and just a miserable to day to have to bury a beloved pet. Jackie was my sixth cat in the past year to die from poisoning.

Today, the rain stopped for now - we got a total of five inches in three days. It warmed up to 54 degrees F. today. Was lovely out. The breeze was a bit chill, but the sun was glorious and warm. I walked about the garden this afternoon, inspecting everything, stopping to pull a weed here and a weed there as I went. Everything is so lush and green.

As of today, we have received more rain, in total, than we have during the past three years. If this continues, our drought will soon end. The rivers and lakes are beginning to fill up again and it is so good to see acres and acres of green fields of Winter Wheat - something I haven't seen for several years. The cattle are fat again and the horses, goats and sheep look good. Many, many young have been successfully born this year. Every rancher looks as if he or she has increased their herds or flocks tenfold.

Another BIG storm is moving in from the Pacific Ocean and bringing with it lots of rain and some potentially serious storms...and in Oklahoma, that means TORNADOES. There is also the threat for serious flooding to occur in the lowlands across the state.

It's that time of the year again for us. Severe weather and Terrible Twisters. Damaging hail and hurricane force winds that beat your windows out of you cars and rip your trees out of the ground or throws your neighbor's truck up into your big tree.
Wish us luck!

Hope your weather improves for you, as well. That sounds just dreadful - no rains or misty mornings in Ireland??? Unheard of!


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Hi Annie,
Popeye was given that name seeing he lost an eye,..developed cat flu and the eyes swelled up then the eyelids knitted together,..i managed to save one eye thankfully,..cat flu got to most of my cats but i treated them with ointment twice a day,..Popeye was the only one who sustained an injury.

Smudge was the only kitten born to my second oldest cat,..i spotted Smudge peeping out of the cat house,..its an old dog box,..then took him inside,..oh he had blue eyes for quite a long time then changed like his mum Olivia.

The Smudge Video http://www.easyflashtools.com/...-76E1-4AFE-A9F7-0FF3C51EBF55.html

Sorry to read you lost another cat,..any idea who or what is poisoning them?,..its very upsetting to lose one but several,..yikes!,..i lost six in one week when i was away in the USA one Christmas,..i got a text message informing me they were on their last breath.

Our weather is still the same,..warm and sunny from noon till late evening,..and praying for rain,..we might get some over the weekend,..my fingers are crossed for you and anyone else in the USA with the weather forecast we hear.

Only one more day in the garden and i will have finished all my chores,..aching back and all lol.


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