HAVE: Mundane, boring stuff for Green Elephant

pianojuggler(z8b WA)October 31, 2009

This will be my first time bringing plants to the G.E.

I have a handful of pretty mundane, boring, but very healthy offerings:

* Euonymus Fortunei 'Kewensis' ("Kew Winter Creeper") - dormant, but healthy

* Thymus Pseudolanuginosus (Wooly Thyme) - great lawn alternative!

* Various sedums -- s Reflexum, s Spurium -- low-growing groundcover types. Mostly evergreen varieties. A few miniatures.

* Some other succulent I have not identified, but spreads densely.

* Rosemary "Tuscan blue".

* Anything else that finds its way into the car.

I could shake loose a few Pacific Yew rooted cuttings if someone asks.

I also have a bunch of Red Cedar volunteers in 4" pots if you want to start your own forest.

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Hello Piano juggler,
I'm interested in the Tuscan Blue Rosemary. What are you looking for?

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Hi Piano jugglar.

Those are nice offerings.

I would like to trade for your Wooly thyme. What are you interested in?

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Hi Piano Jugglar -

I would like to trade for your s spurium sedum. See my post for my haves and my trades list. Let me know what you are interested in. Thanks! Kelly

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May I please have a Pacific yew? Check my previous posting to see if I have anything you would like.

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pianojuggler(z8b WA)

Whew! I thought I would end up bringing home pretty much everything I brought. Thanks for the interest!

I am looking for any good ground covers -- the lower-maintenance the better, drought-tolderant, and suitable for shade or part-sun. I need to cover a pretty steep bank with things that will help prevent erosion.

bejoy: If you are interested in large quantities of WT, let me know and I can toss some more in the car. I have a few different varieties.

kellyc: I will bring plenty of low-growing sedums. I have some that drop their leaves (like they are going dormant right now) and one that I think is evergreen. Since I have gotten most of mine from other people's cuttings, identification is a bit dicey (but that's the fun part, right?). I just got some really cute ones with coral pink leaves. I would like a couple of your lavender seedlings.

bejoy2: Please note that the Yew is rooted cuttings... They are still only about 4" tall in 4" pots, but I will see if I have a taller one that I can toss in a pot this week. I would like some of your arctostaph u-u, and any sedums. I'm getting addicted to sedums.

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Hi pianojuggler..I would really like some of every variety of wooly thyme you have.

We have some sweet woodruff that likes shade for a ground cover..also ajuga works well..as does vinca minor which we have. I also have St.Johnswort which is good for erosion..but can be quite invasive.If you would like any of these..let me know and I will go digging.

Bejoy (Marie)

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pianojuggler(z8b WA)

Hi, bejoy... I will bring a handful of varieties of WT. I have been scavenging cuttings for a couple of years. I am on a five-year mission to kill my lawn and I'm replacing large sections with WT. Some is woolier than others, some flower, some don't, and my faves have muted grey-green leaves.

I have been warned away from vinca due to its invasive nature (although someone else here (gardengal?) said it is easy to control -- much easier than ivy or blackberry which is what I'm trying eradicate). I have ajuga already taking over my lawn. I will try some of the woodruff, though.


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Pianojuggler..I will bring you some sweet woodruff. I know what you mean by trying to eradicate the blackberry vines. I haven't succeeded yet...still trying.

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hi Piano Juggler,
I would like to get some wooly thyme and rosemary if you have. looks like from google search WT will grow on rocks? I have rock walls all around that I am trying to cover.
please take a look at page and let me know if anything that intersts you there. thanks

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greenelephant(Woodinville WA)

I'll take all the red cedars you can give me. I don't have my plants organized, but I'll bring a pickup full.


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pianojuggler(z8b WA)

purpleotus, WT will slowly crawl over a rock wall, from above but will probably stop a foot or so from dirt. If these are retaining walls with soil on the other side, you may want to consider some sedums... there's a reason their other name is "stonecrop".

I will have a good quantity of small rosemary rooted cuttings. They will grow into 2- to 3-foot mini-shrubs in a couple years and are nicely low-maintenance. They are great for planting at the base of a wall to soften the visual appearance.

Jim, I will bring a bunch of this year's volunteers. Some may be out of pots, so if you have a shallow tub or something, that might help. I may also have some fir and spruce volunteers, if you're interested. (Oh, and thanks again for all of your hard work in organizing this!)

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Pianojuggler, rooted cuttings of pacific yew are fine, I'll take all you are willing to part with. I will bring a selection of sedums for you to look at.

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Thanks Pianojuggler, for the rosemary. I have several ground covers that you might be interested in.

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pianojuggler(z8b WA)

treepalm, you are welcome. I did score several GCs at the trade, so I have to see where I have areas that still need some. I'll be in touch, or we'll just swap some more at the spring GE.


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