Shotweed (Cardamine oligosperma)

schoolhouse_gwApril 18, 2011

I'm losing a battle with this weed. I have to pull gobs of it every Spring - filled a 5gl. bucket this afternoon with the stuff and that was just between the stones in the courtyard. There are still bunches of it growing in my flower beds, sometimes right smack dab in the middle of a flower -my anemones for instance. And like I say, I pull every year.

I know to try and yank it before the flower heads turn to seed, but what a chore. I never just throw them on the brush pile either, I put them in a garbage bag.

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ripley529(z7a IL)

I finally gave up this spring and I am using preen after I weed an area. Tired of fighting weeds that reseed so prolifically. Hoping this works so I can spend more time enjoying my gardens and less time weeding :)

I don't know about you all, but I have a hard time just going out and sitting down on the swing or a bench and just enjoying the view. My eye always goes to that weed that needs to be pulled, lol So invariably it's back in the house, get the garden gloves and start weeding :)

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Yes, ripley, that's how a gardener relaxes alright! ha

I've never used Preen, was always curious about it though. Does it leave colored "pebbles" on top of the soil?

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newbiehavinfun(7a - Southern NJ)

I hate shotweed! I didn't know that was what it was called but I hate it with a passion. It's so fast to flower that it's hard to catch before it drops seed, then next thing you know you've got a multitude of the little buggers. I have noticed that it's relatively easy to pick after a rain because the roots are somewhat shallow. Now I'm reminded that I need to go pull the ones that I didn't get to last week. :P

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