WANTED: Hummingbird/Butterfly Garden Needs

bejoy2(8)October 2, 2006

Need Hyssops, Monarda, Salvia, Hardy Fuschia, Penstemon. Have Red Hot Poker, Yucca, Primroses. Will be at the Green Elephant Trade in Redmond.

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I can bring you a couple of the native Honeysuckle plants to Green Elephant.
A filbert seedling in trade will be fine.

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Thanks much. I'll be there with my Mom, whom I believe you already know. I'll save a native filbert for you.

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Hi! I have MANY crocosmia corms left that you are welcome to for just the postage. The hummers love them! Let me know as the guilt of seeing them sitting on the porch is killing me, but I've planted all I can and given away even more and don't really want to just toss these in the compost pile. They need a good home!
e-mail at lsnat53@yahoo.com if interested

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Hi! In reply to Tammy regarding your friend who needs EVERYTHING........she is more than welcome to the crocosmia corms for postage. Mine are the red ones, too....sorry. Please feel free to give her my e-mail address as I don't get on this site as often as I'd like but am always on my e-mail. Just have her contact me and we'll get these beauties growing for her!

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