WANTED: Gunnera manicata seed head

greenelephant(Woodinville WA)October 5, 2009

Looking for a fat ripe Gunnera manicata seed stalk.

I'll be at the Green Elephant Sat Nov 7. But if you have one in the Redmond/Woodinville/Duvall area I'd drive out to harvest it.


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I have a few, but I'm in Eugene. I'll cut them tomorrow, just in case you don't find one elsewhere, or in case someone else wants one. BTW, do you know how to grow a gunnera from seed? I'll try it myself if it isn't too difficult. After all, one can always use just one more gian gunnera in one's yard, right? lol

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greenelephant(Woodinville WA)


There's got to be a gunnera closer to me than Eugene, and thanks for the offer.

If you want to try some yourself, Gunneras do well sown in the fall. I just fill a flat with dirt. Then I take a butcher knife and slice all the finger-nubbies off the seed stalk, letting them fall on top of the flat. Do not cover. Let the whole thing sit all winter. All the pulp rots away and the seeds fall to the surface. They germinate in the spring. (Never let them dry out.) The seedlings are very tiny, and slow growing. But in 3 years a few will make pretty nice plants.

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Rainydaywoman: I'd love to try your seeds. I have a large seed bin and I will do my best to find something you might like. I know Jim has a lot of experience growing these from seed and I am excited to give it a try.
Jim, I wish I could help but my only gunnera died a few years ago so now I am motivated to try again. Thanks

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Flora2: Where are you located? I'd be glad to share. I may try what Jim mentioned, and then try to give the plants away, but while my friends admire the two I have, they absolutely refuse to plant them in their yards! I love any plant with big leaves.

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Did you ever find a seed head?
I see the plant at Emery's nursery has a seed head but it does not look ripe yet.

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harleylady(PNW/USDA 8b/Sunset 6)

rainydaywoman, wanted to send you an email but can't find email addie for you. If my email link here isn't working you could send email to me at my hotmail account, user name HarleyLady_01

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greenelephant(Woodinville WA)

Thanks all,

I found a ripe seed head.


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