OakleyApril 8, 2010

This is pretty much ditto to my new Lantana topic. Lantana and Cosmos are my very favorite plants.

I've got some 18" Cosmos ready to go in the ground in another week or so.

Do they stay on a single stalk or will the plant branch out just a tad?

Should I plant them very close to each other, like 6"? I want them to support each other (I'll also stake them) during the wind, and I don't want any gaps between the plants.


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token28001(zone7b NC)

The orange and yellow ones tend to branch out more than the pink and white varieties. I like both, and mixed them in the areas I tossed seeds this week. With the rain we're having tonight, they'll start germinating tomorrow. Here's a shot of the orange ones from last year.

And be warned, they produce a LOT of seed. I saved a whole quart sized ziplock to scatter through the back yard this spring. I've tossed out almost all of them already.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I plant the orange and yellow varieties a bit closer together than the really huge Red Dazzlers. "Purity White" is actually very short, so it needs no support and looks great in front of the other varieties.

The branching also seems to depend on the light and the water. In part shade with lots of water, mine grow straight up, with very little branching.

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Mine will get full sun until around 5pm or so. And for the life of me I can't remember what color the lady at the center told me they were. It just said "Cosmos" on it.

So, I should plant them pretty close together? I also have a packet of seeds I may plant tomorrow just to see if they'll come up.

Should be interesting! Token, that's a beautiful patch you have going there. I'd love to have them all over my acre!

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token28001(zone7b NC)

How big are the seeds? The orange/yellow ones tend to be bigger, about 1/2 inch or longer. The white and pink are smaller about 1/4".

I just scatter handfuls of seeds around. I never weed plants out unless they're growing where I don't want them. They would be planted pretty close, I think.

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Feeling the seeds through the packet they're tiny. They're "Sensation,Mixed Colors."

Do you stake your's?

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I hate to be a kill joy, Token, but your yellow Cosmos is not Cosmos - it is Tickseed (Coreopsis). Note the leaves and the sharp, pointed seeds.
I have seen it being sold as Cosmos, but it is definitely Coreopsis. The leaves of Cosmos are fine & feathery and the blooms are more blousy. Tickseed seeds are sharp and stick in dog's fur, which is why it was nicknamed Tickseed. They are bad about getting stuck in lamb's wool and I have seen them work their way down into animal's ears. Very bad seeds.

For the most part, it is better to plant Cosmos in mass to help them stand, as you mentioned, and they look much prettier too, I think. There are shorter and very short varieties that don't need staked (unless you live in Oklahoma, of course. We have the strong winds year round. So, yes, plant them in mass.

I like to just go out and scatter them in every bare spot. They make great filler, but the tall varieties will over power short plants so watch the size before you plant next to anything else. Lovely planted in meadows with Bachelor Buttons and at one side of a veggie garden.

I love the way Cosmos moves in the breezes. Just lovely flowers, leaves and all.


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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Annie, I grew the same thing as Tom and mine were labeled Bright Lights cosmos. All the photos I'm finding online for tickseed shows a totally different leaf.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tickseed (Coreopsis)

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token28001(zone7b NC)

Annie, what I have are Cosmos sulphureus.

Cosmos bipinnatus has the feathery foliage you speak of. It's usually pink and white shades.

These are the seed pods. Not my picture. Rob's Plants.

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Thanks you Annie. I planted a packet of the Cosmos yesterday and plan to buy several more packages today. I'll put my plants in the ground in about a week. Do you think we're past the frost stage..we're both in central OK.

I also have Tickseed, and it's coming up nicely! But the flowers are tiny and the above picture doesn't look like Tickseed. Tickseeds leaves are more fernlike.

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I would not plant them 6 inches....more like 10 or 12 inches, especially the Sensation mix.
The sensation's will get really tall like 4 feet or so and should be at the back. The sulphurus will be more like 24 inches tall. This is just my experience with them. Others may plant them much closer.

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I am sorry for my blunder.
It certainly looks like our wild Tickseed, leaves and all. I have had four varieties of Coreopsis and they all had slightly different leaves, but the wild variety of Coreopsis has leaves exactly like that Bright Lights Cosmos.
When they begin to bloom, I will take pictures to show you...and maybe eat my words. :)


So...I guess I will stick to the pink, red, magenta and white and fancy colored dwarf varieties of 'Cosmos bipinnatus' that I plant every year from seeds. I love it in the garden.

I don't know if we are past the late frosts or not. My tomatoes and peppers need to go out, but I fear losing them to one of our freaky late cold snaps. I have over a hundred tomato plants and probably 50 peppers plants, both of various kinds and have been potting them into larger pots to wait until they can safely go out into the garden. I have pots of Cucumbers, Cantaloupe, Crook-neck and Zucchini Squash, Genovese Basil, and keep potting them all into bigger & bigger pots, until now, I have run slap out of room in the greenhouse! I sure hope the weather settles down soon.

We are having great weather, though, that's for sure, but it did this last year too, remember? We had two very late cold snaps in late April with temps dipping down into the 20s and one with 8" of snow! I couldn't get my tomatoes out into the garden until mid-May. It was a horrible year for veggies.
So, I'm waiting until after the 15th to set out annuals and tender veggies, as usual, and hoping for the best. I think this year will be better though. I really do.

So who knows for sure? The weather is always erratic here, any time of the year. The only constant we have in Oklahoma is the wind.
Put your potato chips in your sandwich and hold on for dear life or you will lose them!!! :)

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Annie, what's your last frost date? Here in 8b it's 3/15, but I've been caught by a late March freeze. Not fun scrambling to cover tomato plants. I'll dig up a pic from one of those adventures I'd rather not repeat.

I put off germination a couple weeks this year and then screwed up with placing the cold frame in an area of the garden that didn't get a lot of sun. I compensated by starting more tomatoes. In the meantime I moved the cold frame to a sunnier locale. In the end I had about 3 dozen too many tomato plants, but managed to give all away.

Caught by a late freeze sometime in the 90s. (All of those pines are now gone. Funny how time changes things.)

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gld, I know they grow tall, but I want them close enough to support each other too, even though I'll be staking them.

That's why I asked if they just grow on one stalk like they are now, or do more shoots come up? If more shoots come up I might plant them further apart.

That's what I really need to know.

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When I was cleaning weeds out of the flower beds, I remembered that I actually did grow those yellow-orange Cosmos several years ago and they kept coming back every year despite how much I dug them out. The seeds were mixed in with wildflowers seeds that DH bought me. I liked to never got rid of them. Or so I thought. Today I found several seedlings coming up in that bed again. Ugh. They went the way of my hoe.

Good luck with your Cosmos experience though.

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token28001(zone7b NC)

Annie's experience is correct. They will reseed forever and ever. My orange yellow ones were spaced probably 12" apart, but they branch more than the pink and white ones. They were scattered in one bed last year and just did what they wanted. I'm hoping the new seeds I bought this year do better. I never got a real flush of blooms. I think they had too much shade. The do get leggy and floppy without a lot of sun. 12" or closer should help hold each other up, but the outside ones will still find their way to the ground.

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

My favorite Cosmos is picotee mix..

I also like the orange kind as well. But picotee is taller here, which is always a plus to me..

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Oh yes,
that is my kind of Cosmos!


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token28001(zone7b NC)

I got picotee seeds this year. I've sown them around a pink crape myrtle with echinacea and white/purple Veronica spicata. I'm hoping the whole range of colors show up.

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natalie4b(7b GA)

Planted gazillions of seeds around several beds today in honor of my older son who's life evolves around everything that has to do with cosmos, planets, etc. Love to plant seeds/flowers/anything alive to remind me of people I love.

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I've planted a number of the pink/white varieties of cosmos, and they often do branch if they are happy. They have usually grown a lot taller than the package stated, also - I've had them get over 6' tall! Even the dwarf varieties can get to be 4' tall if they are happy.

As far as spacing, well, they will adapt to however much space they have. If they are very close, they will be smaller, and if they are farther apart, they can get to be huge. I tend to move them around to fill holes in the garden as needed - I usually have plenty self-seeded to do that.

(I've never grown the yellow/orange variety, but my old neighbor did, and his always stayed nice and short, fwiw.)

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