growing seedlings in water bath

marricgardensMay 13, 2013

I had heard about this but didn't decide to do it until Nancy? posted her pictures. I decided to try, germinating the seeds first and then planting in cups that had holes drilled in the bottom and put them in Rubbermaid containers with water. The roots really took off. I don't know if that is what did it or if it was just luck, but I have a 4 month old seedling with 2 buds on it! I'm hoping to keep it going until it flowers. All my seedlings are still in the sunroom so well protected from the frost we're supposed to get! Marg

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Julia NY(6)

Great Marg. If you get the time to post a pic, I'd like to see your set up. Your lucky to have bloom scapes already. Do you think it is because you have them in your sun porch which may be acting like a greenhouse environment?

My seedlings have been outside on our covered porch for the past 3 weeks. I just keep them watered (from the bottom) and they are still in the 16oz cups. No time to plant them yet and especially now with this crazy weather.


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My sunroom is actually a large sunroom that we had put on the back of the house. Right now it is more of a plant starting room. DH built me 2 sets of grow lights but I have back problems (getting down isn't to hard but getting back up is) so he now built some single units to put on the table, a lot easier to work with. I was very surprised to see the scape with 2 buds, now I'm just hoping I can keep til it blooms. Mine are also in the 16 oz. cups and will be for a while yet. We're supposed to get frost tonight so I had to go out and cover up my hostas, the daylilies will just have to survive. Marg

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Wow, that is awesome 4 months old. I've never grown a daylily from seeds but read that they can take 2+ years to bloom sometimes. I bet you are happy! Post a pic if the bloom survives we'd love to see it. (I'm sure there are tons of lurkers who read this and are curious but just didn't comment.) Hope all your plants escaped the frosts with little to no damage.

Rena' :-)

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