HAVE: Have a ton of plants to trade - mostly houseplants

alaskanamazon(6)November 17, 2005

Let me know if anything interests you :-) I'm in North Seattle if anyone wants to swap plants in person.. otherwise I can mail them.

Seeds I have to trade:

* Drosera rotundifolia

* Drosera spatulata

* Drosera filiformis var. filiformis

* Foxglove

* Lavender

Plants I have to trade:

* Syngonium podophyllum - Nephthytis, Arrowhead vine

* Spathiphyllum - Peace Lily

* Tradescantia zebrina - Wandering Jew , Inch Plant

* Azolla caroliniana - Fairy Moss

* Lemna minor - Duckweed

* Eichhornia crassipes - Water Hyacinth

* Pistia stratiotes Water Lettuce

* Kalanchoe blossfeldiana - Mother of Many

* Bryophyllum delagoensis

* Bryophyllum daigromontianum

* Another Bryophyllum - unknown species

* Sedum lanceolatum

* Sedum oreganum

* Saintpaulia - Unknown species

* Genlisea hispidula

* Drosera rotundifolia

* Drosera anglica

* Drosera spatulata

* Nepenthes X ventrata

* Sarracenia purpurea

* Numerous Terrestrial Utricularia

* Utricularia inflata

* Live Sphagnum moss

Plants I am looking for:

* Agave

* Alocasia lowii

* Ananas sp.

* Aristolochia grandiflora

* Asplenium bulbiferum

* Anglewing Begonia

* Bamboo - Any

* Caladium

* Ceropegia woodii

* Cissus discolor

* Coffea arabica

* Coleus

* Crassula ovata - variegated

* Cyperus

* Dieffenbachia

* Echeveria

* Elephant Ears - any

* Ficus elastica

* Gynura aurantiaca

* Hypoestes phyllostachya

* Lithops

* Monstera deliciosa

* Musa sp.

* Philodendron sagittifolium

* Philodendron elegans

* Philodendron erubescens

* Platycerium - Staghorn Fern

* Saxifraga stolonifera

* Sedum sp.

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I have some Sedum palmeri, and tons of Saxifraga stolonifera.
I would love to trade for a couple different ones of your Drocera, and maybe some seed?
How hard are they from seed?

I live north of Edmonds.

I will email you separately, too, so you can email back at the email address I prefer.


Here is a link that might be useful: sedum palmeri

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I have an assortment of Sedum, and also Saxifraga stolonifera. I would be interested in the Sarracenia purpurea, and any Drosera that could be grown outdoors, since I have a bog. I live in Issaquah, east of Seattle, and could either mail plants or arrange a trade in person. Welcome to gardenweb!



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I also have String of Hearts (Ceropegia woodii) and String of Beads (Senecio rowleyanus)
Will anyone who responded please e-mail me again. Apparently my e-mail program ate some e-mails. I changed programs so it won't happen again.. I just might have missed some replies. So if you didn't hear from me.. e-mail back.

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