WANTED: Coming to green elephant

earthnut(WA/usda8/ahs2)November 6, 2004

Sorry this message is so late; I meant to check in earlier but other things have gotten in the way...

I'm looking for unusual perennial edibles. I have all the common ones, and several not-so-common ones, though unusual varieties are welcome.

Some I don't have are good king henry, mashua (a common variety is Ken Aslet nasturtium), american groundnut (apios), skirret, turkish rocket (bunias), red valerian, perennial kale (like nine-star or dorbenton's), perennial sea beet. I'm also wanting the weedy, low-growing purslane (not the upright purslane).

I am also looking for named varieties of daylily and scented geranium. And interesting species or varieties of allium and salvia. Also other unusual edible flowers.

I would also love to find madder, indigo, dyer's greenweed, pacific coast irises, sedum roseum, and heucheras.

I have lots of plants to offer, including garden sorrel, black hollyhock, goldenrod, oregano, cupid's dart, ajuga, button fern (houseplant), jerusalem artichoke, wild perennial arugula, native aster, white peruvian scilla, a small sedge, and a big sedge best for a moist place you don't mind it spreading. I will bring all of these for trade regardless.

If you have something you want in particular (and you see this post) I will check my email in the morning and bring it if I have it.

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Now...to start planning for the Spring trades.

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