Look at this pic for retaining wall

Sandi_W(7b/8)April 3, 2013

I found this pic on google. I think I want to try a version of this. This pic was on gardenweb at one time, but I can't find who it belonged to.

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Sandi, Lovely look. Apart from paiinting your wall terracotta, all you need to do is to get blue accents for your wall and add a couple of terracotta planters to get the same 'feel' for your retaiing wall. There will be a difference though. The photo shown is that of a dry climate. (use of succulents, aloe,, rosemary) while yours is that of a shady and possibly wet climate. If you will check the link I sent you for the succulent wall, you will find that photo was of a wall also made to look mediterranean but the person who made it lived in Vancouver - a particularly wet and cold climate. Lots of ideas to achieve that mediterranean look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thomas hobbs garden

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Thanks ianna. The house and gardens is gorgeous. I will save your link. I've been trying to find afordable half pots online, but not much luck so far. I hope to start the wall this weekend, first with a dyed concrete skim coat then planting next week.

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