Pine tree needles turning orange

llhbeckJuly 29, 2009

The inside needles on one of my mugo pines are turning orange, that is the best color to describe what is happening. Some of my other pines have from time to time had this, some of the little trees died but some seem to have recovered. Is there anything I can do to make sure it does not spread to my other pines and keep this pine tree healthy. This mugo pine is about 25 years old.

Thanks for any help you all may come up with.

LB in Missouri

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

interior browning is normal ... interior needles are shed between 1 and 3 years.. depending on type ...

interior browning is increased by drought last year.. severe winter.. or drought this year ...

and NORMAL if transplanted this or last year ...

life on these trees is all in this years fresh growth.. as long as that remains vibrant and green you are all set ... it is when those dull or turn brown.. that the fight is lost ...

it sure wouldnt hurt.. to add some water.. and some mulch .. if you arent providing such .. without overwatering ...

otherwise.. a picture is needed to further the diagnosis ...

good luck


ps: orange is the color between green and tan dead brown ...

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