Kashmir Deodar Cedar Struggling

gpaciottiJuly 31, 2014

Hello Everyone, need some input on my Kashmir Cedars. Well they do not seem to be doing well. Just loosing needles. They've been in the ground for about 2.5 years and seem to be growing tall but not filling out. Attached are few pics for review. Thanks a bunch for any and all help

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

were they large transplants??? ... greater than 4 feet???

ball and burlap????

no conifer holds it needles forever ... interior needles are the oldest ... and are shed every year ...

and i see no browning needles on this pic ... so i cant say it wasnt normal older needles loss ...

whats your watering protocol???

why no mulch ... the grass around the tree is greener.. is your water actually getting into the root mass... or running off to the grass???

frankly.. i dont see much wrong in this pic ... perhaps its your expectations which are struggling???


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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

Deodaras can be lanky in youth. Looks fine to me.

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Thank you everyone. These were indeed larger trees when planted (8+ feet) and in burlap. Also they are well mulched.

The reason why they appear to be struggling to me is simply they look like they've lost a lot of needles compared to when they were first put in 2 years ago. Please refer to picture of tree in 2012 vs 2014. Please note had two cedars planted this is a comparison on the second tree then and now. Same issue

Given that they were planted 2 years ago I really have stopped a regular watering regimen. When they were first planted I was religious and watered them twice a week for 30 min using an open hose.

Maybe you are both correct and the trees need time to establish but I hope you can see why I am concerned.

Do I need to fertilize and if so what do you recommend?

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bluecone(Central Texas8b)

Did you remove the burlap when you planted them? The burlap itself or plastic and metal components used to wrap it around the root ball may be interfering with root development.

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