WANTED: Lovely, rainy Saturday Swap!

heatherisnotaweed(WA Z8)November 5, 2005

It was nice to see so many people brave the rain to be at todays swap. Thanks Jim, for hosting, and showing your gardens. I'm looking forward to seeing them in the spring! Thank you to everyone who shared plants with me and my friend Vicki. She left with a trunkful and feeling very good about her move from TX to Seattle. See you all in Spring.


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pianojuggler(z8b WA)

Thank you to the wonderful people who foisted their groundcovers on me! I'm just getting started, so I came emptyhanded -- this year -- and I left with a fine handful of new plants.

Thanks especially to the woman with the sedums (or should that be 'seda'?). Even though it was still pouring when I got home, I already divided up the clumps and will be finding new homes for these little guys.

The weather was, well, ummmm... "Seattle sunshine", but the people were warm and generous.

I hope to see you all again in the spring. And I promise that next time I will bring something to share.

Thanks again,

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jburesh1388(z8 WA)

This was only my 2nd swap and this time I had some freebies to give. I brought a friend and she was so happy to get plants from those of you that are further along in your gardening. I hope you all got to try some of her wonderful chocolate chip cookies! I did and they were great!

Thank you Jim for organizing this event! It great to meet other plant fanatics and learn about new kinds of plants. I've planted so many new things, I'm interested to see what my garden will look like this summer. Surprisingly, I have no idea! :)

See you all in the spring!

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Thanks for a wonderful exchange, Jim. I explored your gardens, and am impressed by how much further they have come since I was there I guess a couple years ago now. The rain didn't seem to slow us down, and the plants looked nice and green with all the liquid sunshine. Thanks everyone for trading with me, formally or informally. I will start gathering more plants this winter for another trade in the spring, inspired to transform my garden even more in the coming year.


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Thanks Jim, for hosting another great exchange. I am going to have to make time to see your gardens next time! Thanks for all the trades everyone. It was nice to see you all one more time before the long winter months with no trading. Spring, I'm ready for spring already!

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Patrick888(z8 SeaTac WA)

Yes, in spite of the insistent rain, it was a nice gathering. Jim, I'm sure we all appreciate your efforts in hosting this event, both Spring and Fall. I was very pleased to get the black bamboo and brugmansia cuttings... hope we've converted a few more folks to the brug addiction!
It was nice to chat with some regulars and newbies alike.


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michelelee(z8 WA)

Missed most of you but still left with some great plants! Thanks Jim, Susan and Teresa for being hangers on. I am very pleased with what I brought home! Michele

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Sounds like everyone had a good time, even in the rain.

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chrisrobt(z8 MI,WA)

Another wonderful Jim hosted exchange!!! I hope others had a chance to peek inside the sancturay and see the lovely fall flowers/vegetables...I'll bet some came from Jim's garden.

My daughter's mother-in-law Norma from Boise went home with a few items and alot of jealously; she's hoping to find something similiar in Boise.

Christine (whose back is a bit sore after planting all those wonderful plants...and my hubby and I really enjoyed the cookies after dinner last night)

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greenelephant(Woodinville WA)

Hi all,

Monday I had off and got most of the plants in the ground. I came home with a great haul, everyone was so generous.

I was very surprised to see a full parking lot on Saturday for such a steady rain. Note to self: next time two pots of regular coffee.

Brugmansia and fuchsia cuttings are potted and rooting in my neighbor's greenhouse.

Beebalm is divided and planted in a bed right outside the office window so I can watch the hummers next summer.

Five new plants for the the woodlands. Two new bamboos. Seeds. Cuttings. Everbearing Raspberries. Hesperantha. And many more.

As I'm winterizing the gardens I'm already noting things for the Spring Green Elephant.


Jim Eichner

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Where have I been?--I did not even realize your gardens were right there, so I will surely make time to see them in the spring.
Thank you so much for organizing and hosting our trades. It was so good to see old friends and meet several new gardeners.
I wish I was better at putting names with faces. Could we have name tags next time?
My bamboo is potted up--thank you and everyone so much for sharing.

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chrisrobt(z8 MI,WA)

Judy...nametags!!! That's inspired!!! We could put both our "real" names and our Gardenweb names on them...


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jburesh1388(z8 WA)

Name tags would be great! I was one of the people going around calling an online name since I didn't know the real one.... :)

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greenelephant(Woodinville WA)

Nametags: I will try to come up with something weatherproof for nametags in March. I used paper stick ons and also masking tape, both fell off my wet coat immediately.

"Jim's Gardens": To clarify we are building a memorial garden at the church, and around the property we have planted many trees and shurbs from the Snohomish County Conservation District native plant sales (awesome deals). Some of the Green Elephant trades wind up at the church too. However everything I brought to this Green Elephant came from my home in Woodinville.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spring Green Elephant Plant Swap

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nightnurse1968 (Suzy)

I am so sorry I haven't posted my thanks to all until now. What a bunch of troopers we all were in the rain. I for one was soaked, but feeling very warm inside! Thanks for being such a great host as always Jim.

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