Identifying a pine planted in Fremont, Ca.

geoff9(6 and up)July 4, 2012

I have two seedlings of a pine from the Bay area, and would love to know what they are. I was given a cone and a twig. Needles were smooth and about five inches long, three per bundle and tapering to a very fine, soft point. The cone was heavy, with scales tightly held and thickened so that it looked like an old hand grenade. Seeds rattled free in the cone. When peeled the scales came free of the central core. Juvenile needles are held vertically, and are soft and very rough. Small branches come directly from the base of each seedling, and are held as vertical as possible, being only pressed outward by the needles. Any ideas?

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Most likely Monterey Pine Pinus radiata.

Post a pic of the cone, and it'll be easy.


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