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hikermannNovember 10, 2013

Please / Thanks:

Seattle/Pacific Northwest - Have been remaking a client's yard (jungle wasteland....) and have come across a swath of a perennial (presume it's that as she has done NADA with her yard for literally years and this plant has persisted); appears to grow at least 3'-5'+ tall from the looks of the limp leftovers; is a rhizome which has sent its messengers along quite some distances just under the surface; best I can describe them is that they have somewhat a "carroty-like" look to them; when broken/sliced, rather orangeish, similar to the interior of some types of squash.

Any seers out there...? Thanks!

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Sounds like Lysimachia punctata. If so, the resemblance the roots have to carrots is in color only (the plant doesn't have tap roots). Are the flowers yellow, with five petals that are pointed at the tips and borne in the leaf axils? Is the plant herbaceous and dies back in the winter?

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Not having seen the plant in bloom, I have no information on that description; have concluded, however, they are most likely a day lily of some sort.

Thanks for your response.

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