HAVE: Poppy seeds

heatherisnotaweed(WA Z8)November 3, 2005

I have poppy seeds from my first flower garden this summer. Here are a few pics of what they looked like, but there were some double red ruffly ones and some other crimson ones that I can't seem to find pictures for. They are all mixed together because my girls harvested them for me and didn't understand the instructions ;-) So it's a suprise package! I have lots so they are for giving or trading.


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Hi Heather,

I love those pictures and always like poppy flowers especially the colors you have. However, I have grown only shasta daisies from seeds. Last year I tried 20 different packets of seeds few came up but none made it through. Are poppies easy to seed, if I just sprinkle can they grow. If so, take a look at my postof have for grren elephant and see if you like anything that might interest you.

I am assuming you are coming tomorrow.


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heatherisnotaweed(WA Z8)

Sangeeta, I found them to be almost comically easy to grow. That is because I sprinkled several bajillion seeds onto bare garden beds in early January and then fretted and moaned when they didn't sprout when I thought they should. Then all of a sudden I had literally hundreds of poppy plants all over my yard. Overnight. We harvested nearly 2 1/2 cups of seeds. I now have poppy seedlings growing in my newly planted grass, but Jim assures me that mowing will eventually kill them. So far I don't consider them a pest, just an slightly overabundant suprise.

I would love to have any grasses, and/or some Irish moss!

See you tomorrow....rain or rain.

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I would love some seeds, if you have some to spare. I don't have any seeds, but if you see something on my list, maybe I can dig something in the morning. Let me know.

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heatherisnotaweed(WA Z8)


The seeds are unconditional, but I wouldn't turn down either Potentilla or Echinacea!


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